The Four Factors Surrounding Tree Valuation

Trees, plants, and all other flora are highly valuable. Not only do they enhance our surroundings with their beauty, they provide a long list of vital benefits, most importantly oxygen and air purification. But they also provide sound barriers, wind reduction, energy preservation, privacy, aesthetic individuality, and so much more. For this reason, it is understandable that many property owners wish to have their landscaping trees valuated to see just how much they increase the overall value of their property. Continue reading to learn which four factors professional tree appraisers use to valuate trees and determine their worth in terms of currency.

Tree Size

The first factor that most tree appraisers look at is size. This is because the size of a tree directly represents its age, which is an important aspect of tree value. However, in some cases, the size of a tree can be problematic too. It all depends on the external environmental circumstances and condition of the tree. In the case that a very large tree becomes diseased or damaged, there is a possibility of recapturing the loss though an insurance claim or perhaps a federal tax deduction. This is because a very large tree is not usually replaceable due to its size.

Tree Condition

The condition of a tree is another vital aspect to consider when evaluating a tree’s worth. A healthy tree in stable condition will certainly be worth more than a sick or dying tree, however, sometimes a sick tree can be treated so long as the condition is not too extreme. During the inspection process, the tree’s trunk, roots, branches, limbs, buds, and foliage will all be checked and evaluated.

Tree Species

The most valuable species of trees are those that are sturdy, strong, highly adaptable, and free from disagreeable traits. This is mostly because they require less maintenance and live for a long time. Species of tree that evince these characteristics include Oaks, Locust, Elms, and more.

Tree Location

In terms of tree location, valuators will consider functionality. For example, a tree that stands alone is generally more valuable than one that stands in a group of trees. Trees that have become focal points for landscapes will be assigned more value than a random tree that serves no aesthetic or serviceable purpose. So when it comes to location, the contribution factor, site factor, and location all contribute to its overall worth.

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Important Routine Tree Services for Residential Properties

Trees and landscaping are among some of the most admired outdoor amenities in neighborhoods and on residential properties; that is, if they are cared for correctly. There is something about trees, gardens, and other flora that impressively influences outdoor ambiance for homes. So what are some of the most effective tree services a homeowner can benefit from to achieve beautiful landscaping? The answer is simple! Continue reading to learn some useful and recommended tree services for attractive landscaping and foliage.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is another major necessity when it comes to routine tree care. Cutting off dead tree branches, trimming leaves, and tree topping all promote healthier growth patterns in trees and for their leaves. Be sure to hire a professional tree service company to facilitate any kind of tree work that requires heavy equipment and labor. These companies retain the proper tools, staffs, licenses, and experience to carry out any type of residential or commercial tree services.

Tree Pruning and Shaping

Pruning a tree and tree shaping are basically the same job. Residential tree pruning service is needed to remove dead, diseased, and broken tree branches; as well as, reduce tree height, thin the crown, change the shape and design of the tree, and increase growth and air circulation. Tree shaping, tree pruning, tree thinning, and more are all a part of tree care for residential properties.

Dead Tree Removal

One of the most important tasks to handle when it comes to maintaining a healthy outdoor landscape is removing dead trees. A dead tree could mean many things. It could be dead from a tree bark disease, Emerald Ash Borers or other insect infestations, mold growth, and more. These ailments are a threat for the rest of the healthy greenery on your property. Get rid of dead or diseased trees to promote a healthier and safer habitat for the existing healthy trees on your property.

Tree services are highly recommended to maintain an admirable outdoor landscape; as well as, ensure the safety of your property. Periodically inspecting the larger trees on your property is also highly recommended in order to reduce the likelihood of fallen trees and structural damages. Professional tree care is the only way to go when it comes to tree service for your home and property.

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