What Will Stunt a Tree’s Growth?

Planting new trees can be frustrating at times, especially since so many things can go wrong. Tree care is hard work, and there’s certainly a learning curve as you go. Trial and error make good gardeners, so don’t get too upset if a newly planted tree dies or stops growing. Learn the primary factors that influence tree growth, and the variables that can stunt it. Then you will be on the right track to better protect and care for your landscaping trees. Continue reading to learn the four primary reasons why a tree might die or stop growing.

Lack of Sunlight

Trees require a certain degree of sunlight to grow and produce oxygen. Sunlight is food for a tree and they need it to survive. If a tree is not receiving enough sunlight, it cannot produce enough oxygen and will eventually lose its leaves and die. Sometimes a large structure or tree can block sunlight from trees, while other times its circumstances out of your control, like overcast weather and storms.

Lack of Water

Just like sunlight and oxygen, tree require water for proper nourishment and healthy growth. Water depletion in trees can be caused by droughts, water source obstruction, root damage, and more. If you suspect your tree is not receiving enough water, try to set up a routine watering schedule until the problem is solved. Contact a licensed arborist for professional service and assistance.

Pest Infestations and Tampering

Insects and animals can also be a threat to the well-being of a tree. Beetles, like the Emerald Ash Borer, and other insects, like termites, wasps, and larvae, can be detrimental to a tree. They can use up all the trees nutrients and water, leaving the tree without sustenance. Without proper nourishment, a tree will stop growing and eventually die. Also, animals like raccoons can cause tree bark damage or over-consume foliage, leaving the tree in distress, stunting its growth.

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Beware of Bacterial Leaf Scorch

When trees are in full bloom, the condition of newly sprouted leaves can give clues regarding the overall health of a tree. Leaves and branches are always an effective indicator of a healthy tree or a distressed tree. Curling edges and discoloration are two of the most common signs of tree problems. One tree disease that causes both of these conditions is called bacterial leaf scorch. If your leaves are still green in the center, but browning at the edges, it could be leaf scorch. The same goes for a yellow border around the edges of the leaves.

Causes of Bacterial Leaf Scorch

The primary cause of bacterial leaf scorch is an insect called a leaf hopper. Leaf hoppers do not mean any harm, but their appetites cause injury to trees. They retain penetrating mouth extremities that allows them to suck all the water and nutrients from the tree leaves. Without sufficient water and nutrients, trees cannot survive, and the first thing to show evidence of this is the leaves.

The other problem is that leaf hoppers transmit the bacterial leaf scorch from one tree to the next. So as soon as a leaf hopper comes into contact with the bacteria (Xylella fastidiosa) that causes leaf scorch, it is equipped to transmit the bacteria to the next tree is dines from.

The bacteria attacks the tree’s xylem, which is the essential water transporting system of a tree. So if a tree is not treated within a short amount of time, it can die. Although there is no “cure” for bacterial leaf scorch, it can be contained with systematic treatments of bactericides. It may require several treatments, but after a while the tree can be sustained with a simple annual application. This is why it is important to catch it as early as possible. Call your local tree guys for an inspection.

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