Why Should I Prune in Winter?

If you were to pay close attention to tree care, you will notice that there are more opportunities during the year to manage and protect your landscaping trees aside from spring and summer. Winter tree pruning is one of the most beneficial services to outsource for your landscaping trees, and if you continue reading, you’ll discover why!

Fishers Tree Pruning 317-537-9770

Fishers Tree Pruning 317-537-9770

Benefits of Winter Tree Pruning

So why prune trees in the dead of winter? Well one very helpful reason is that trees are dormant during winter. The term “dormancy” refers to the time when trees are alive, but not actively growing. Deciduous trees and shrubs will be bare of foliage, while conifers will remain stunted until the season is over. You can think of dormancy as a tree’s hibernation period.

Pruning during this stage is easier because there is no foliage in the way to impede views. But more importantly, it is beneficial because it allows the pruning wounds to recover before new growth occurs in spring. It reduces the likelihood of a tree wilting due to lack of water or nutrients too. And as for diseased branches, they can be easily identified and removed to prevent further spreading and damage.

The benefits of winter tree pruning are most evident when spring arrives. Foliage grows quickly and blossoms are larger and more vibrant than the year before. Often times, trees show an increase in their yields as well, including beautiful flowering blossoms and healthier, luscious fruits. So you can see why winter pruning is highly recommended for landscaping trees!

Professional Tree Pruning Services

It is important to hire a professional tree service contractor for helping with pruning trees. They retain the proper tools, training, and equipment to implement tree services safely and efficiently. If you are unfamiliar with tree care and inexperienced in tree work, it can be dangerous taking on such a project. Look for a company that has years of experience, which is what matters most in the industry of tree care and tree service.

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Call 317-537-9770 for professional winter tree pruning in Fishers, Indiana. We are highly-trained tree service contractors with more than 20 years of experience in the tree care industry. We offer both residential and commercial tree services, including tree pruning, tree removal, stump grinding, lot clearing, and more. And don’t forget to ask us about our tree service coupons too! Call 317-537-9770 to request a free estimate for Fishers tree service, today.

How Much Does Stump Removal Cost?

Tree Stump Removal 317-537-9770

Tree Stump Removal 317-537-9770

Sure, you’ve arranged to have your tree removed. You’ve covered the costs and you are ready for the tree care company to arrive and finish the job. But have you considered what is left over after a tree is removed? The tree stump of course! Many homeowners make the mistake of assuming that the price of tree removal includes the stump removal part; but unfortunately, this assumption is incorrect. It is common for tree care companies to charge extra for stump removal, and for good reason. The project is highly-complex, unpredictable, and demanding.

It is important to always ask your tree care technician if the cost of stump removal is included in your estimate for tree removal. If it is not, be sure to request an estimate for the additional service if you desire it. Often times, people enjoy leftover tree stumps, turning them into pieces of art, yard furniture, and landscaping décor. Opting out of stump removal will save you money if you don’t mind having a tree stump on your property. But if you do not want a tree stump on your premises for any reason, be sure to educate yourself on the average cost of stump removal, as well as factors that may influence its price, so that you are prepared when you receive your final estimate.

Stump Removal Prices

Tree Stump Removal 317-537-9770

Affordable Tree Stump Removal 317-537-9770

The cost of stump removal varies depending on a variety of factors, including type, size (diameter and height), age, location, root system, soil conditions, level of risk, extent of cleanup, and much more. It is cheaper to remove a stump yourself, but DIY stump removal is not recommended for anyone except those with experience. Although every case is different and prices vary, the average cost of stump removal generally remain between $60 and $400 per stump.

These prices are generally calculated by using a price guideline of $2 – $3 per Inch of Diameter of the stump. So of your stump is 20 inches in diameter, the base cost (not including additional costs for additional factors) would be between $40 and $60 or so. Then other factors can increase this price, including tree disease or infestations, dangerous location, extensive root system, and more. The best way to determine an accurate price for the stump you wish to have removed is to contact a licensed and experienced tree service company in your area. They can give you an in-person estimate for free.

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Call 317-537-9770 for professional and affordable tree stump removal in Fishers, Indiana. We offer a wide range of residential and commercial tree services, including stump grinding and stump removal. And on top of the most competitive prices in town, we also have fantastic tree service coupons! Call 317-537-9770 to request an estimate for Fishers tree stump removal, today.