The Do’s and Do Not’s of Pruning Trees

Tree pruning is one of the most important tree services you can provide for your landscaping trees. When done correctly, pruning trees delivers beautiful, robust, and bountiful blooms come spring and summer. That is because proper tree pruning promotes new healthy growth, which simultaneously improves its appearance. And healthy growth allows trees to grow brighter, greener, and fuller with every blooming season. But tree pruning is not effective if it is not carried out properly. It is important to learn what you should and shouldn’t do in terms of pruning trees.

Continue reading to learn what you can do about tree pruning, as well as what you should avoid when it comes to pruning trees.

Fishers Indiana Tree Pruning 317-537-9770
Fishers Indiana Tree Pruning 317-537-9770

What To Do About Tree Pruning

Hire a licensed and insured tree care contractor for professional tree trimming and pruning services. They have the proper knowledge, skills, training, and resources to get the job done, safely and efficiently.

Ask your tree care contractor for licensing and insurance information, and

Ask your tree care contractor if their tree pruning services meet the standards for tree pruning (also known as ANSI A300), as set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Note: If they do prune according to the ANSI standards, their written estimate should also be written to reflect these specific ANSI A300 standards.

Remember that improper tree pruning can damage your landscaping trees long-term, and even cause premature tree death, disease, and pest infestations.

Take the time to inspect your trees after a severe rain or windstorm. If serious tree wounds are left untreated, it can harm the tree.

If there is damage to your trees after a storm, contact your trusted tree care contractor for storm damage clearance and tree removal services for fallen trees. They may even need to trim or cut branches to remove hazards and obstacles created from the storm damage.


Prune trees on your own. Several factors go into the process of tree pruning, so it requires extensive training and experience, as well as professional tools and resources to implement the job safely and effectively.

Attempting to prune your trees can put you at risk of having an accident or being seriously injured, and incorrect pruning can harm your trees. Even small trees that do not require the use of a ladder should not be pruned by anyone but a trained professional.

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Fishers Tree Service Coupons 317-537-9770

The Basic Types of Residential Tree Services to Start With

Tree care is a vital part of responsible home ownership.  Proper landscaping and tree care can also upgrade your property’s value and its degree of safety.  There are several residential tree services available year-round; however, there are a few that should be considered a “must-do” for every homeowner.  Read on to catch up on these important tree services you shouldn’t be skipping this spring and summer!

Fishers Indiana Residential Tree Service
Fishers Indiana Residential Tree Service 317-537-9770

Routine Tree Care Services

🌲✅ Tree Health and Hazard Inspections

The most highly recommended tree service, especially for new homeowners, is general tree inspection.   If you are purchasing, or already live on, a property that has older or larger trees, it is crucial to have them inspected by a professional tree service company. Older trees can be especially problematic because aging trees are often in decline when it comes to stability. Aged trees are at risk of cracking, falling, and creating dangerous obstructions or structural damages to its surrounding environment.  A Fishers Indiana tree service specialist can inspect and accurately determine the health and safety of your trees to avoid potential accidents or risks.

🌲✅ Tree Removal

Another important tree service is tree removal. If a professional tree care company identifies dead or diseased trees on a property, tree removal is in order. In most cases, trees are removed to reduce potential dangers, but they are also commonly cut down and removed for lot clearing, new developments, and aesthetic landscaping. It is highly recommended to have a qualified and experienced company facilitate risky tree services such as removal. Although it may seem like a simple task, there is much more involved in tree removal than a person would think. A professional company retains industry knowledge, experience, and the proper technologies to cut trees safely and effectively. Along with tree removal, many homeowners take it to the next step and get stump removal service too.

🌲✅ Tree Trimming and Pruning

Tree pruning is an important form of preventative maintenance in terms of science and aesthetics. As a common component of routine tree care, pruning alters the growth and formation of a tree in a safe and strategic manner. Tree shaping is a similar service, but focuses more on the physically appearance rather than health and growth management. Regular tree trimming for overgrown branches and limbs is another important tree service in order to reduce clogged gutters, damages roof shingles, fallen limbs, obstructions, and more. 

🌲✅ As-Needed Routine Tree Services

Storm damage, lot clearing, underbrush removal, and tree transplanting are all tree services carried out on an as-needed basis. For instance, if a tree is struck by lightning and spit in half, it could become a potential hazard, making emergency tree damage service a need.  In another example, a proprietor might procure a large amount a land they are preparing to commercially-develop, and require all the trees and woods to be cleared out for construction. In such a case, they would need professional tree clearing service.

Prompt, Professional, and Affordable Tree Service in Fishers, Indiana

Call 317-537-9770 for professional and affordable tree care in Fishers, Indiana. We can help you keep your landscaping trees healthy and thriving all year long. We provide a wide range of residential and commercial tree services, including routine tree service, major tree work, lot clearing, and more. Contact us today for a free estimate and advice.

Fishers Tree Service Coupons
Fishers Tree Service Coupons 317-537-9770

How to Protect Your Trees During Storm Season

Although it’s not quite storm season yet, now is the right time to start preparing our landscapes for what’s ahead. This is an especially important consideration after the recent rainfall we got in Fishers, Indiana. As for our lawns and gardens, storms will not do much damage since there is really no active growth. Furthermore, plants and grass have fast turn-over and growth cycles, which means they can quickly recover from inclement weather damage. As for trees, they are not always as resilient, especially young, recently planted, or declining trees.

Before storm season hits, be sure to implement the proper techniques to ensure your trees do not break or topple over in heavy rain or wind.

Emergency Tree Removal in Fishers
Emergency Tree Removal in Fishers 317-537-9770

Tree Inspections

The first item on your storm season preparation list is to inspect your landscaping trees. You want to look for signs that a tree is at risk of being damaged by storm weather. This includes trees that are leaning, broken, cracked, have dangling limbs, diseased, pest-infested, unstable, uprooted, tangled in wires, located near power lines, and similar signs. See our blog, “How to Identify a Hazardous Tree” to learn more signs of an unstable or unsafe tree.

Cable and Bracing

Now that you have selected which trees seem like they might not be able to withstand the inclement weather conditions of the upcoming storm season, your next item on your agenda is to choose which strategies you will use to stabilize them. The most common tree care practice for stabilization is known as tree cabling and bracing. Not only does cabling and bracing prevent unsteady or dead trees from falling over, it can help promote tree growth in certain directions, like out of the way of power lines.

During the process, cabling and bracing hardware are installed directly on and around the tree, and then anchored to the ground. This practice still allows the tree to move naturally with the wind, but only to a limit that cannot cause any structural failures. Tree trunks, whole trees, or sections of large limbs can be cabled and braced for preventative maintenance.

Routine Tree Service

Once your unstable trees are supported and prepared to take on harsh winds and heavy rain, it is important to stay on top of routine tree service so that your trees get stronger and healthier. Regular trimming and pruning are the most effective methods for improving the health and stability of a tree. These practices also serve to improve the overall look and appeal of the tree, as well as any functions it may serve, such as shade or privacy. Talk to a trusted Fishers tree service professional for advice on how to improve the quality of your landscaping trees.

Fishers Tree Service and Removal

Call 317-537-9770 for year-round tree service in Fishers, Indiana. We are highly trained and experienced tree care contractors that offer a wide range of residential and commercial tree services at competitive prices, including storm damage tree removal, dead tree removal, tree cabling and bracing, and more. We also offer tree service coupons and discounts! Request a free estimate, today.

Fishers Tree Service Coupons
Fishers Tree Service Coupons 317-537-9770

Will Pruning Fix a Topped Tree?

Tree topping is not considered a best practice for tree care. In fact, many topped trees experience instant decline, and often times, die. If you have a topped tree on your property that you wish to strengthen and repair, corrective pruning might just be your best option. Continue reading to learn how you can fix a topped tree with routine tree pruning.

Fishers Tree Service Company 317-537-9770
Fishers Tree Service Company 317-537-9770

Tree Pruning for Topped Trees

Many homeowners are relieved to learn that with a little time, patience, and pruning, they can restore a tree that has been adversely affected by topping. When it comes to repairing a topped tree with tree pruning, it is not the pruning itself that should be your focus. Instead, it should be the timing; not just the time of year, but also, the intervals to which you have your tree pruned.

Timing is Key

First, you want to make sure you do not begin your corrective pruning right after your tree has been topped. This can drastically decrease its chances of survival. Instead, wait until you see sprouts and limbs growing from the topped portions of the tree. This indicates that the tree is attempting to replenish its energy reserves, which in turn implies that it can withstand additional modification. Such sprouting will take at least one to two years, so you must be patient.

Once a couple of years has passed and your topped tree is growing plenty of limbs and sprouts, you want to ensure it is the right time of year to prune a tree. The recommended seasons for tree pruning are the seasons in which trees are dormant, namely late winter and fall. Because every tree has different genetic codes and variations, they all will respond differently to corrective pruning after topping, and will grow at different rates.

From there, your trees should be pruned once every year or two to promote exponential growth in strength and get your trees back to a reliable condition. See our blog, “Frequently Asked Questions About Tree Pruning” to learn more about pruning trees. If you are unsure about how often your particular landscaping trees should be pruned, talk to a licensed Indianapolis tree service contractor for professional assessments and advice.

Indianapolis Tree Service You Can Trust

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Fishers Tree Service Coupons 317-537-9770

Common Problems Associated With Ash Trees

Ash trees are one of the most common species of landscaping tree here in Indiana, namely white Ash and American Ash. Admired for their unique bark patterns, balanced canopies, and stunning foliage progressions, Ash trees make for a wonderful addition to any property. Unfortunately, just like any living organism, Ash trees are susceptible to all sorts of diseases and health complications. If you are experiencing some concerning changes or behaviors with the Ash trees on your property, it is important to take action fast, before the root of the problem can worsen or spread to other trees in your landscaping.

Continue reading to learn some common problems associated with Ash trees, as well as, what you can do if your trees are suffering a similar decline.

Fishers Tree Services 317-537-9770
Fishers Tree Services 317-537-9770

Ash Tree Diseases

The most common diseases that affect Ash trees are Ash yellows, Verticillium Wilt, ash rust, and Ash Anthracnose. Ash yellows is a slow-killing tree disease caused by a microorganism called Candidatus fraxinii that harms a tree’s vascular system. This disease tends to mostly affect white ash and green ash species. Although there is no cure for Ash yellows, pruning and fungicide treatments in its early stages is an effective way to manage Ash yellows. Verticillium Wilt, ash rust, and Ash Anthracnose are fungal diseases that result in leaf wilting, canopy dieback, and more. These diseases are generally treated with pruning and fertilizing.

Ash Tree Pests

By far the most common pest problem for Ash trees are Emerald Ash Borers (EAB). Emerald Ash Borers are small metallic green beetles that target Ash trees exclusively. Larvae look like small maggots or white worms, while adult beetles are about the size of a raisin, and have metallic green backs. Adults lay eggs inside the bark, and when their larvae is born, they eat their way to the surface until full-grown. Once adults, they emerge from the bark, leaving behind D-shaped exit holes in the wood. Additional pests that attack and infest Ash trees include oystershell scales, ash plant bugs, and aphids.

In order to prevent pest infestations, arborists commonly apply systematic insecticides for optimal tree protection. Systematic insecticides contain the active ingredients dinotefuran, emamectin benzoate, or imidacloprid. These chemicals have all been registered with the Environmental Protection Agency and deemed appropriate for agricultural applications.

Fishers Tree Service Professionals

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Fishers Tree Service 317-537-9770
Fishers Tree Service 317-537-9770

3 Common Methods of Tree Pruning

Pruning a tree is an imperative part of tree care, and is required on a seasonal basis to promote new and healthy tree growth. This is especially important for fruit trees, like cherry, apple, and plum trees. There are various forms of tree pruning and tree trimming, all of which serve separate and important functions.

Continue reading to learn the top 3 most common methods of tree pruning, including who to call for trusted tree care near you.

Fishers Tree Service Company 317-537-9770
Fishers Tree Service Company 317-537-9770

❶ Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is usually reserved for trees that are overgrown, or too large for the space it is occupying. Also known as “drop crotch pruning”, this process involves strategically removing limbs and foliage in order to relieve an obstruction, or to create more space around a tree. It is only recommended for emergency, last resort tree trimming. However, it is a popular choice among property owners because it renders a more visually-pleasing appearance compared to tree topping and similar practices. Also, it extends the time period between pruning services, making your landscaping duties less frequent.

❷ Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is a common pruning technique used to provide more air flow and sunlight through a tree’s canopy. More sun, air, and wind can help a tree grow stronger and healthier, especially if it was getting too thick to adequately disperse sunlight nutrients throughout the tree. Mostly used on hardwood trees, like oaks, crown thinning can improve a tree’s structure and stability, as well as, make it more resistant to pests. Because it is a complex and selective pruning technique, it requires a professional team of tree care contractors.

❸ Crown Raising

In contrast to crown thinning, which focuses on a selective removal of inner foliage and limbs, crown raising focuses on the bottom half of a tree’s canopy for the purpose of providing clearance for pedestrians, vehicles, buildings or lines of sight. This practice is often reserved for trees on public or municipal walkways and roads. Generally, the degree of crown raising is specified by a municipal ordinance. No more than 35% of a tree’s canopy should be removed during crown raising, which is why it is important to have the service carried out by a trained professional.

Fishers Tree Pruning Services

Call 317-537-9770 for professional and affordable Fishers tree pruning service to keep your trees healthy all season long. We are licensed and insured tree care specialists with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. We provide residential and commercial tree services at the most competitive prices in Fishers. Request a free estimate or information about our tree service coupons, today!

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Fishers Tree Service Coupons 317-537-9770

Frequently Asked Questions About Tree Pruning

Trees are more than just a part of nature; they are assets, both economically and non-economically, to our properties. For these reasons and more, it is vital to do everything you can to ensure your landscaping trees are healthy and protected. There are various aspects of year-round tree care, from mulching and fertilizing, to watering, trimming, cabling, bracing, pest control, and root feeding. But out of all the efforts you can make for your landscaping trees, it is important to never neglect their need to be pruned. Confused?

Continue reading to review some of the most frequently asked questions about pruning.

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What are the Benefits of Tree Pruning?

Tree health and personal safety are basically the umbrella benefits of tree pruning. When it comes to safety, tree pruning can prevent hazardous obstructions, falling tree limbs, and more. As for tree health, pruning promotes new, strong growth, which gives trees more strength and durability, as well as, a robust development of foliage in the spring.

One way pruning achieves these benefits is by allowing for more air flow and sunlight throughout the canopy, which gives trees more energy and even abates pest problems. In the case of wounded branches or limbs, tree pruning will encourage faster healing and sealing of the affected area.

What is the Difference Between Tree Pruning and Trimming?

Although trimming and pruning serve the same functions and are often performed with similar techniques, they are different from one another. Trimming is an aesthetic practice mostly reserved for shrubs and hedges, such as arborvitaes, deciduous shrubs, and more. Pruning is a strategic practice geared more towards removing certain branches and limbs for the purpose of strengthening. Regardless of their technical differences, the terms are often used interchangeably in the tree service industry.

When Should Trees Be Pruned?

The best time to prune trees is while they are still dormant. Just before spring or winter are the standard tree pruning windows. If your trees bloom flowers, they should be pruned when their flowers go away in the fall. If your trees bloom in mid-to-late summer, they should be pruned in late winter or early spring. See our blog, “Residential Tree Pruning Tips” for advice on pruning trees in the winter, spring, summer, and fall.

How Often Should I Prune My Trees?

Trees do not have to be pruned every year since they all grow at different rates, but some do. For instance, fruit trees are best pruned annually, while conifers can make it every other year or so before a pruning. Furthermore, various factors influence the frequency of pruning, including a tree’s type, size and health. The best way to know how often to prune your trees is to talk to a licensed tree service contractor for personalized tree pruning advice.

How Do I Prune Trees?

Improper tree pruning can kill a tree. For this reason, it is strongly encouraged to hire a licensed and insured tree service company for professional pruning services. Always ask your tree service provider if they adhere to the ANSI A300 industry pruning standards to ensure they are a reputable and skilled company.

✨ Stay tuned for our next blog this month about the most common methods of tree pruning, which include canopy thinning, crown raising, and crown reduction!

Where Can I Get Affordable Tree Pruning in Fishers?

Call 317-537-9770 for professional Fishers tree pruning you can trust. We are highly trained and experienced tree care contractors that offer a wide range of residential and commercial tree services at the most competitive prices in Hamilton County! We also offer tree service coupons and discounts! Request a free estimate or information, today.

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Fishers Tree Service Coupons 317-537-9770