How to Identify a Hazardous Tree

Mature trees are a beautiful asset to any home or property. Not only do they provide endless aesthetic appeal and enjoyment, they give us shade and privacy, which improves our indoor energy efficiency and reduce external noise pollution. As a family grows year after year, trees do too, making it harder to say goodbye to the ones that need removed. But sometimes, old or ill trees can pose a serious safety concern for humans, pets, and properties.

It is important to remove a hazardous tree within a few short days of discovering it. A dead, dying, or bedridden tree is likely to fall at any moment, depending on its condition. So taking preventative precaution is strongly encouraged for everyone’s safety. But how do you know when a tree is hazardous?

Continue reading and learn the signs of a sick, dead, or dying tree.

Fishers Tree Services 317-537-9770
Fishers Tree Services 317-537-9770

Dead and Dying Trees

Dead trees are the easiest to spot. To identify a dead tree, simply take a twig and scratch the surface of it with a knife. What does the inner meat look like? A bright green implies a healthy, but probably dormant, tree. A dull green implies a lower vigor and might mean there is an issue. But brown or dark meat underneath the bark skin signifies a dead tree.

An obvious sign of a dead tree is significant leaf reduction or leaf loss. Outside of winter, a healthy tree grows its leaves back. If it is spring or summer, and a tree is bare, it’s dead or dying.

Another sign of an unhealthy or dying tree is peeling tree bark. When the bark of a tree is spongy, or if it’s brittle and crumbles off at the slightest touch, it is in trouble. It is either already dead or close to it. The same goes for tree limbs and branches. If you notice that many branches and limbs are falling from the tree, or missing from the tree, it is a sure sign that the tree is unhealthy and therefore, unsafe.

Last, you can check for insect infestation to gauge the health and condition of a tree. If you notice a large infestation of beetles or other obtrusive insects, then it may have a tree disease of some sort. This too makes a tree unsafe.

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Tree Planting Tips

When it comes to planting trees, survival is never a guarantee. External and internal conditions can make even the most perfectly planted trees might not work out in the end. So with this in mind, don’t feel let down if your newly planted tree doesn’t make it. Instead, check out these tips on planting trees to review your methods and possibly improve them for the next time.

Fishers Tree Services 317-537-9770
Fishers Tree Services 317-537-9770

Planting a Tree

The first place to start is your location. Think about where you are planting the tree, and if the soil is in good condition. Be sure to plant trees on level surfaces and far from construction sites. As for the hole size, dig a hole in the ground that is at least five times larger than the tree’s root ball. This will ensure there is plenty of space for the roots to breathe and grow. Also, be sure to not dig too deep. A common reason newly-planted flora fails is a result of planting them too deep into the ground. The hole only needs to be as deep as the height of the root ball.

Before placing the tree in the hole, be sure all nylon and twine are removed, and if the tree is balled, removal all the burlap as well. At this point, many people want to use fertilizers or soil enhancers to better ensure to proper growth of their tree, but this isn’t really necessary. Fertilizing trees can be very effective depending on the circumstances, time of year, type of tree, and much more. Talk to a local tree care professional for advice about fertilizing newly-planted trees.

Instead of using fertilizer, or if you forgo the option of using fertilizer, simply reuse the soil dug from the hole. Fill in the hole and pat gently around the base of the tree trunk. Do not fill the soil higher than a quarter of an inch above the root ball. Instead, top off the base of the tree with a few inches of good-quality mulch or wood chips.

Now you are ready to water the entire tree and the soil around it. You can use stakes at this point if it’s necessary.

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Fishers Tree Service Coupons 317-537-9770