How to Keep Animals From Destroying Fruit Trees

Wild animals just love the ripened flesh and sweet juice of the fruit in your trees. They will even go to great lengths to get a tasty bite. But as many are agile climbers, wild animals usually don’t have to work that hard. This includes raccoons, squirrels, chipmunks, birds, and more. You see, fruit trees are not very tall, so animals only have to climb a little bit to reach the succulent fruit at the canopy. This has homeowners and gardeners pulling their hair out everywhere! They want to know how to keep pesky animals from eating all their fruit!

If you have noticed some animal activity on or around your fruit trees, you can rightfully assume that nuisance wildlife is to blame. But fortunately, there are some safe and easy methods that prove effective for keeping wild animals out of your fruit trees. Continue reading to learn how to protect your fruit from nuisance animals all year long.

Inhibit their Climbing Ability

If animals can’t climb your fruit trees, they certainly can’t reach the fruit and empty your reserves overnight. But how do you inhibit their climbing ability when they are so good at it? Simple; with a metal collar. You can purchase a metal tree collar at any local home improvement center or gardening store for a relatively low price. It is basically a piece of thin sheet metal that you wrap around your trees so animals cannot gain enough traction to climb them. They will slip and slide for hours before tiring out and moving onto the next place for food.

Tips for Installing a Metal Tree Collar:

🌳 Trim any low-hanging branches. This will create a work space, but also prevent the possibility of animals climbing branches to get to the canopy.

🌳 For bigger animals like raccoons and opossums, cut branches that are within their reach if they were to stand on their back legs. That would be around 30 to 40 inches.

🌳 Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to wrap and secure the collar around the tree. Products will vary, so be sure you have the right materials for the tree collar you choose.

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A Quick Guide to Tree Staking

Keep in mind that most trees will not require staking, since natural wind currents and weather conditions actually help trees become stronger and more resistant. But sometimes, a young or newly planted tree needs a little assistance growing to its fullest potential. This is where tree staking comes into play. If you have a newly planted tree on your property, it may need some help growing tall and strong. Staking may help to prevent fragile trees from storm damage, wind damage, breakage, leaning, and other undesirable conditions caused by instability and feebleness. Continue reading to review a quick guide to tree staking, and a call for professional tree care you can trust.

What You’ll Need

The tools and materials you will need to properly stake a tree are moderately-priced and readily available at any local home improvement or garden store. In fact, you could even make your own tree stakes if you have some 6 to 8 inch long, 2×2 scrap lumber and rubber insulated wire. As for store-bought materials, the average package will consist of treated wooden posts and nylon or rubber ties. You will need 2 stakes per tree, so be sure to count before you visit the store. You will also need a sledgehammer and a burlap patch per tree, so keep them handy as well.

Get Started

🌳 Once you have your materials, you are ready to drive your tree stakes into the ground. Place one stake on one side of the tree, and another stake opposite of it on the side. Be sure they are at least 15 to 18 inches away from the tree trunk. You don’t want to damage the root ball.

🌳 Use your sledgehammer to drive the states into the ground. Aim for 16 to 18 inches deep.

🌳 Tie the nylon or rubber ties around the stakes, at least 18 inches from the base. Then attach a patch of burlap around the area of the tree trunk where the ties will be secured. You can use spread or yarn or any type string to do this.

🌳 Next, tie the straps that are connected to the stakes around the burlap patch. Be sure the straps are taut, but not too tight because you want the tree to be able to have a little bit of movement for the sake of root development. You also don’t want to sever the tree bark. Look for flat tree straps for larger surface area and less trunk damage.

🌳 Untie the tree and remove the stakes after one growing season. That’s all the time you need to support your tree until it strong enough to grow on its own.

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