Is Your Live Oak Tree Shedding its Leaves?

Oak trees are magnificent and play an important role in our environment and surrounding eco-system. There are several species of oak tree, over 600 in fact, including deciduous, evergreens, shrubs, hybrids, and more. Extending from tropical regions, all the way to the most Northern parts of the world, oak trees are beneficial for a variety of reasons. Aside from the major role trees play in the environment and oxygen production, they offer many other advantages.

Oak Trees

They are excellent sources of shade, which reduces energy consumption in the home and allows for comfortable outdoor enjoyment. In the fall, they change colors, providing for beautiful scenery and aesthetics. Oak wood is dense and strong, which makes it perfect for building and construction. In fact, it was named North America’s national tree in 2004. Although prone to tree diseases like Oak Wilt, they can live for more than 200 years, and grow to massive heights and widths.

If you have Live Oak trees on your property, you have a special asset that is worth protecting. Regular tree care is all you need for a happy and healthy oak! But this time of year, many homeowners grow concerned with their live oaks when they notice their leaves shedding. If your live oak tree is shedding leaves right now, continue reading to learn why.

Foliage Loss in Live Oaks

In the spring, it is common for tree care specialists to get questions about Live Oak tree foliage loss. Fortunately in most cases, they can assure homeowners that there is nothing to be alarmed about. This time of year, it is normal for Live Oak trees to lose or shed leaves. Also referred to as an evergreen oak, Live Oaks are not really evergreen trees. So when temperatures start to increase come March and April, the leaves on many Live Oak trees will drop as a result. This natural occurrence generally lasts only a few weeks, and eventually you will start to notice re-growth and fuller foliage before the start of the summer.

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Residential Tree Pruning Tips

Tree pruning is an important form of preventative maintenance in terms of science and aesthetics. As a common component of routine tree care, pruning alters the growth and formation of a tree in a safe and strategic manner. Tree shaping is a similar service, but focuses more on the physically appearance rather than health and growth management. Pruning has several benefits for all tree species, both evergreen and deciduous, and helps prevent a wide variety of tree problems.

Reasons to Prune a Tree:

• Improve overall appearance
• Remove dead or dying branches
• Encourage flower and fruit production
• Corrective purposes
• Remove branch stubs
• Increase foliage density
• Remove branches that rub together
• And more

Never prune a tree for no reason at all. And it is never good to prune more than 25 percent of the total grown foliage. This could end up being detrimental to the tree, especially during a growing season like spring or summer.

Winter Tree Pruning

If you choose to have your trees pruned in the winter, you are doing what most homeowners do. Winter is the dormant season for trees, so it is a common time for pruning service. Pruning this time of year results in an energetic burst of foliage come spring. It is vital to wait until the most frigid parts of winter are passed before pruning trees.

Summer Pruning

Summer is also an acceptable time to prune trees. Pruning during this time of year will better “direct” the growth of the tree by slowing down branch growth. To accomplish this, tree pruning should take place directly after the seasonal growth is complete. This is also a good time to make any alterations for corrective purposes.

Fall Pruning

Never prune trees in the fall. It is the one time of year that trees take longer to heal from cuts. Also, decaying fungi spores spread abundantly in the autumn months, which can infect fresh tree wounds and cuts. Talk to a trusted tree care company for advice about pruning your trees.

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Tree Service Coupon Fishers Indiana

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