How to Maintain Healthy Trees

When trees begin to show signs of distress, it is time to investigate the underlying problems behind dying or sick trees. Many home and property owners are unfamiliar with proper tree care, and can end up losing their admired landscaping trees to various ailments and environmental threats. So long as you are familiar with these threats, and follow through with simple and necessary tree care, you can protect your trees from illness and death. Continue reading to learn the number one reason behind failing trees this summer, and how to prevent these common tree problems from taking place.

Tree Care Guide

Water, water, water! This is the most common reason behind tree problems. Lack of water is a common issue in landscaping trees. Although pest control, bark damage, rot, and more can also cause tree complications, lack of water the most basic and common one. Once a tree is in decline and dying, there is nothing you can do for it. In order to prevent insufficient water supplies and dying trees, follow these easy tree care tips:

Once Trees are Dead or Dying, Remove Them Right Away

Remove dead and dying trees, and then harvest them into wood chips, fire logs, and more. This prevents potential pest and beetle infestation problems; as well as, bark rot, and more.

Purchase Drought-Intolerant, or All-Season Trees

If lack of water is an issue in your community, town, or region of the country, it is highly recommended to purchase and plant all-season trees that can withstand the changing climate. Trees like pines, furs, and other similar tree species work well.

Outsource Brush Removal and Tree Thinning Services

It is in your trees’ best interests to thin-out the smaller trees and forest-like brush so that they can improve their growth cycles. It increase tree vigor and health by eliminating surplus flora that uses up all of the available water supply.

Tree Care Fishers Indiana

Tree Service Coupon Fishers Indiana 317-537-9770

Tree Service Coupon Fishers Indiana 317-537-9770

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Stump Removal Options for Homeowners

Curb appeal and landscaping is important for every property. This is why we work hard to maintain beautiful and inviting grounds on a seasonal basis. Sometimes, there are trees that need to be cut down and removed for safety reasons. Vulnerable trees can pose a threat to buildings and individuals, alike. Once removed, a stump is leftover. Many property owners choose to use create ideas and methods to disguise or incorporate the leftover tree stump somehow; while others simply want it removed for good. When it comes to stump removal, home and business owners have a few different options, depending on their preferences and budgets.

How to Remove a Tree Stump

The first and most common DIY method for stump removal is to cover it with soil. Soil is the most natural, Eco-friendly, and organic method for removing tree stumps. The downfall is the amount of time it takes to finish the job. Soil ignites the decay process, and overtime, rots the tree stump, breaking it down organically until nothing is left. This process requires years to complete. The larger the tree stump, the longer the decay process will take to finish.

If time is of virtue, a natural decay approach is not for you. In this case, property owners turn to chemicals and tree removal products. These solutions are meant to mimic the natural decay process and speed up the time it takes to finish breaking down. It is instructed to pour the solution on the tree stump directly, sometimes repeatedly, until the ground beneath it is saturated. Regular applications of chemical stump removers can make the process quicker. Before moving forward with this option, check with your local ordinances first to see if chemical tree stump burning is legal in your county or state.

The most accurate, well-organized, and quickest solution to stump removal is stump grinding services. This can be facilitating by a professional tree care company. Tree Service companies retain the appropriate industry equipment, training, and tools to carry out any level of stump removal job; including lot clearing. Although this is the most costly, it is not expensive and all homeowners can afford these services.

Fishers Stump Grinding Services

Call Tree Service Fishers Indiana at 317-537-9770 for professional stump grinding services in Fishers, Indiana and its nearby Indianapolis counties. We are highly trained and qualified tree care technicians with decades of experience in the tree removal and service industry. We retain the latest technologies and advanced equipment, as well as years of training and knowledge, to perform the highest quality tree services in town. Visit our website at for details about our services and company background. Call 317-537-9770 for superior stump grinding and tree removal services in Fishers, IN and its surrounding neighborhoods.