The Do’s and Do Not’s of Pruning Trees

Tree pruning is one of the most important tree services you can provide for your landscaping trees. When done correctly, pruning trees delivers beautiful, robust, and bountiful blooms come spring and summer. That is because proper tree pruning promotes new healthy growth, which simultaneously improves its appearance. And healthy growth allows trees to grow brighter, greener, and fuller with every blooming season. But tree pruning is not effective if it is not carried out properly. It is important to learn what you should and shouldn’t do in terms of pruning trees.

Continue reading to learn what you can do about tree pruning, as well as what you should avoid when it comes to pruning trees.

Fishers Indiana Tree Pruning 317-537-9770
Fishers Indiana Tree Pruning 317-537-9770

What To Do About Tree Pruning

Hire a licensed and insured tree care contractor for professional tree trimming and pruning services. They have the proper knowledge, skills, training, and resources to get the job done, safely and efficiently.

Ask your tree care contractor for licensing and insurance information, and

Ask your tree care contractor if their tree pruning services meet the standards for tree pruning (also known as ANSI A300), as set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Note: If they do prune according to the ANSI standards, their written estimate should also be written to reflect these specific ANSI A300 standards.

Remember that improper tree pruning can damage your landscaping trees long-term, and even cause premature tree death, disease, and pest infestations.

Take the time to inspect your trees after a severe rain or windstorm. If serious tree wounds are left untreated, it can harm the tree.

If there is damage to your trees after a storm, contact your trusted tree care contractor for storm damage clearance and tree removal services for fallen trees. They may even need to trim or cut branches to remove hazards and obstacles created from the storm damage.


Prune trees on your own. Several factors go into the process of tree pruning, so it requires extensive training and experience, as well as professional tools and resources to implement the job safely and effectively.

Attempting to prune your trees can put you at risk of having an accident or being seriously injured, and incorrect pruning can harm your trees. Even small trees that do not require the use of a ladder should not be pruned by anyone but a trained professional.

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Fishers Tree Services 317-537-9770

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Tree Trimming FAQs

Below you will find a collection of frequently asked questions regarding residential and commercial tree trimming and tree pruning. If you are concern about the health or status of your landscaping trees, be sure to contact a local and licensed tree care company for professional service you can trust. Catching a tree problem early on is the best method for avoiding expensive and tedious tree service and repair. Continue reading to review some important tree trimming FAQ’s, and information on who to call for trusted Fishers tree service.

Why Do Trees Need Pruned?

There are several benefits to tree pruning, including increased light penetration, adequate air circulation, promotion of healthy growth, and more. More sunlight reduces the risk of fungal diseases like American Chestnut Blight or Armillaria root rot, while adequate air circulation in the canopies prevent severe storm damage and structural problems. Pruning also promotes and sustains healthy growth.

When Do I Need to Prune My Trees?

The timetable for tree pruning differs depending on the size and health of a tree. The general guide to follow is every 2 to 4 years for small and medium-sized trees, and every 5 to 8 years for large and mature trees.

What is the Correct Method for Tree Trimming?

Tree trimming is essentially tree “thinning” and should involve the elimination of loose, rubbing, crossing, dead, diseased, obstructive, and weak branches. It might also involve sectioning back limbs, as well as, providing clearance for easier lawn care, power lines, and electrical boxes. It requires professional knowledge, skill, and resources to trim a tree properly. Trust a local and licensed tree service company for assistance.

Is Tree Topping Safe?

Tree topping harms trees, and should be avoided. Trees should always be pruned according to arboricultural standards for optimal and safe results.

Fishers Tree Care

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Call 317-537-9770 for professional tree trimming services in Fishers, Indiana and its surrounding locations. We are highly trained and qualified tree care specialists with over 25 years of experience in the industry. When you need routine tree service at an affordable price, give us a call today!

Residential Tree Pruning Tips

Tree pruning is an important form of preventative maintenance in terms of science and aesthetics. As a common component of routine tree care, pruning alters the growth and formation of a tree in a safe and strategic manner. Tree shaping is a similar service, but focuses more on the physically appearance rather than health and growth management. Pruning has several benefits for all tree species, both evergreen and deciduous, and helps prevent a wide variety of tree problems.

Reasons to Prune a Tree:

• Improve overall appearance
• Remove dead or dying branches
• Encourage flower and fruit production
• Corrective purposes
• Remove branch stubs
• Increase foliage density
• Remove branches that rub together
• And more

Never prune a tree for no reason at all. And it is never good to prune more than 25 percent of the total grown foliage. This could end up being detrimental to the tree, especially during a growing season like spring or summer.

Winter Tree Pruning

If you choose to have your trees pruned in the winter, you are doing what most homeowners do. Winter is the dormant season for trees, so it is a common time for pruning service. Pruning this time of year results in an energetic burst of foliage come spring. It is vital to wait until the most frigid parts of winter are passed before pruning trees.

Summer Pruning

Summer is also an acceptable time to prune trees. Pruning during this time of year will better “direct” the growth of the tree by slowing down branch growth. To accomplish this, tree pruning should take place directly after the seasonal growth is complete. This is also a good time to make any alterations for corrective purposes.

Fall Pruning

Never prune trees in the fall. It is the one time of year that trees take longer to heal from cuts. Also, decaying fungi spores spread abundantly in the autumn months, which can infect fresh tree wounds and cuts. Talk to a trusted tree care company for advice about pruning your trees.

Fishers Tree Service

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Call 317-537-9770 for professional tree service in Fishers, Indiana. We are highly trained and qualified tree care technicians that offer a wide range of tree services for residential and commercial properties. Choose from routine tree service like tree trimming and pruning, to emergency tree services like storm damage cleanup and dead tree removal. Our tree services prices are the most competitive in town, and we also offer coupons and discounts! Call 317-537-9770 for affordable tree care in Fishers, IN and its surrounding locations.

Important Routine Tree Services for Residential Properties

Trees and landscaping are among some of the most admired outdoor amenities in neighborhoods and on residential properties; that is, if they are cared for correctly. There is something about trees, gardens, and other flora that impressively influences outdoor ambiance for homes. So what are some of the most effective tree services a homeowner can benefit from to achieve beautiful landscaping? The answer is simple! Continue reading to learn some useful and recommended tree services for attractive landscaping and foliage.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is another major necessity when it comes to routine tree care. Cutting off dead tree branches, trimming leaves, and tree topping all promote healthier growth patterns in trees and for their leaves. Be sure to hire a professional tree service company to facilitate any kind of tree work that requires heavy equipment and labor. These companies retain the proper tools, staffs, licenses, and experience to carry out any type of residential or commercial tree services.

Tree Pruning and Shaping

Pruning a tree and tree shaping are basically the same job. Residential tree pruning service is needed to remove dead, diseased, and broken tree branches; as well as, reduce tree height, thin the crown, change the shape and design of the tree, and increase growth and air circulation. Tree shaping, tree pruning, tree thinning, and more are all a part of tree care for residential properties.

Dead Tree Removal

One of the most important tasks to handle when it comes to maintaining a healthy outdoor landscape is removing dead trees. A dead tree could mean many things. It could be dead from a tree bark disease, Emerald Ash Borers or other insect infestations, mold growth, and more. These ailments are a threat for the rest of the healthy greenery on your property. Get rid of dead or diseased trees to promote a healthier and safer habitat for the existing healthy trees on your property.

Tree services are highly recommended to maintain an admirable outdoor landscape; as well as, ensure the safety of your property. Periodically inspecting the larger trees on your property is also highly recommended in order to reduce the likelihood of fallen trees and structural damages. Professional tree care is the only way to go when it comes to tree service for your home and property.

Fishers Tree Service

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Tree Service Fishers Indiana 317-537-9770

Call 317-537-9770 for commercial and residential tree services in Fishers, Indiana. We are highly trained, qualified, and experienced tree care specialists that are happy to answer any questions you have about tree service and tree removal. We also offer tree removal, tree transplanting, trimming, pruning, shaping, lot clearing, and much more. For information about our Fishers Tree Service prices and availability, call 317-537-9770 and speak with a friendly staff member today.

How to Dig Up a Mature Pine Tree

It’s quite easy to remove a young evergreen, but mature trees require a lot more work. Pine trees and other evergreens are beautiful and ornamental assets to residential landscapes. They provide their beauty and benefits all year long, in all regions of the country. In some cases however, they need to be removed. Most often, pine trees need to be removed if they are dead, dying, or need to be transplanted to another location. Either way, if you choose to dig up your pine tree on your own, you will need to review some guidelines to the process. Continue reading to learn how to dig up a pine tree and tips for tree removal.

Evergreen Tree Removal

In order to protect a tree during transplanting, you must dig it up carefully and at the right moment. The guidelines below is a method for safely removing pine trees for transplanting purposes. You may also, however, refer to these same guidelines to remove a dead or dying pine tree as well. It is important to know that pine tree transplanting is a lot of work, and requires some pre-planning and preparation. It is strongly encouraged to have another capable person there to help. This is especially important for large trees. If you are not in good physical health, it is not a good idea to remove a pine tree on your own since it requires physical effort. Instead, call a local tree service company for safe and professional tree removal you can afford. For those who wish to remove a moderate size or mature pine tree, here’s how to get started:

1. Always remove pine trees while they are still dormant. This is in the late winter months, between February and April.

2. Do not attempt to remove a pine tree with a branch spread of more than four feet wide. Any larger, and you will need heavy equipment to manage the weight and height of the tree.

3. The night before digging up the pine tree, water it thoroughly around the base. This will keep it well-hydrated enough to prevent distress during the transplant process. Allow a hose to flow for 10 or 15 minutes around the base of the tree for a deep watering. Soil should be wet as deep as 5 inches.

4. Measure and mark a radial line around the base of the tree to use as a guide for digging up the tree’s root ball. Increase the radius by 2 inches for every 12 inches of branch spread.

18 inch Branch Spread = 1 Foot Radius
24 inch Branch Spread = 14 inch Radius
36 inch Branch Spread = 16 inch Radius

5. Use the tip of a sharp shovel to pierce the perimeter of your marked radial line to begin the dig. Continue to etch out this perimeter until you reach 9 inches deep for an 18 inch radius.

11 inches Deep = 2 Foot Radius
13 inch Deep = 3 Foot Radius
14 inch Deep = 4 Foot Radius

6. At a 45 degree angle, dig down below the root ball. Pull back on the shovel handle to help pry roots from the soil. It is safe to cut tough, vertical roots that won’t break free. Use your shovel edge or tree pruning shears.

7. At this point, you will need assistance lifting the tree from the ground. Do this by holding onto the base of the tree trunk, and then working your hands down under the root ball, using your legs to lift it out of the ground.

8. After the tree is out of the ground, wrap the root ball in wet burlap. This keeps the roots hydrated and prevents them from overheating. Use jute twine to secure the burlap while you transport your pine tree.

9. Fill the empty hole with leaves or soil.

It is highly important to call a licensed arborist for help with large-tree transplanting and removal. They retain the proper tools, training, and equipment to safely and efficiently remove trees. If you have never dug up a tree before, and it is a tree you wish to preserve, it is highly recommended to trust a professional to ensure accuracy and safety.

Tree Service Fishers Indiana

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Tree Service 317-537-9770

Call 317-537-9770 for professional tree service in Fishers, Indiana. We are highly trained and qualified tree specialists that provide a wide range of tree care services; including tree removal, transplanting, lot clearing, stump grinding, tree disease treatment, trimming, pruning, and much more! We also offer tree removal coupons and discounts! Call 317-537-9770 for safe and professional tree transplanting in Fishers, IN today.

Recommended Fall Tree Services

Tree care in the fall time is very important because it helps landscaping trees recover from harsh summer conditions, like pest infestations and hot temperatures. This sets them up for solid winter protection, and secures healthy regrowth for spring. Continue reading to learn some of the recommended tree services homeowners should consider for fall.

Tree Service for the Fall Season

Trees need adequate watering, mulching, fertilizing, and more in order to be healthy and live a long time. Many of these same necessities are a part of the recommended fall tree care list. Fall is also the last chance you have to plant new trees. Planting trees in the fall places less stress on the tree, since most pests are hiding away and temperatures are milder. But keep in mind that newly planted or young trees are more susceptible to temperature changes, and should be monitored closely throughout the fall.

As for watering, stop giving your trees water at the start of fall. Once the trees lose all or most of their leaves, begin watering again until the ground freezes. This will store all the water the tree needs for the remaining fall and winter seasons.

Fertilizing is an important part of annual tree care as well. Trees lose vital nutrients in their soil throughout the changing seasons; so it is vital to replenish those nutrients with some fall tree fertilization. Choose a slow-release fertilizer that will supply the tree with nutrients all winter long and improve its endurance against disease and damage.

Mulching is another service suggested for fall. Not only does is lock in moisture that a tree can use all winter, it also provides weed control and retains organic matter in the soil that is vital for the tree. Mostly young trees should be mulched.

Pruning is the final to-do for fall tree care. It is important to prune trees before winter so that they do not become a home insurance liability or hazard in a winter storm. The best time to prune trees in the fall is right after they lose all their leaves.

Fishers Tree Service

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Tree Service Coupon Fishers Indiana 317-537-9770

Call 317-537-9770 for professional tree service in Fishers, Indiana. We are highly trained and qualified arborists with decades of experience in the residential and commercial tree service industry. We provide tree removal, tree care, tree transplanting, pruning, trimming, shaping, and much more! Call 317-537-9770 and see for yourself just how affordable Fishers tree service can be!

How to Care for Mature Trees

A tree is like an investment. Once they mature, they are higher in value and can even increase a property’s overall worth. This is a good reason why homeowners should pay close attention to the maturing trees in their landscapes. Proper tree care for mature trees is a bit different from caring for early to mid-life trees. Maturing trees can pose safety hazards or decline in health if not cared for properly. Continue reading to learn how to care for mature trees, and who to call on for professional assistance you can trust!

Mature Tree Care

If mature trees are not tended-to in the right way, they can quickly become simple nuisances, and worse, safety hazards. Over-grown foliage can clog gutters, block sunlight to gardens, invite unwanted pests, give wild animal’s access to the roof, and damage siding; while tree trunks can become infected or infested with termites and other nuisance insects. And as for safety, the structural integrity of large branches and the trunk can decline, causing fallen trees and potential injuries to people and costly damages to properties.

Proper tree care includes using the right techniques for routine inspections, mulching, watering, fertilizing, and pruning. It is important to have all your important landscape trees to be serviced by a professional arborist or tree care company. They retain the proper tools and training to provide comprehensive tree services in a convenient time-frame. They can provide tree trimming, pruning, disease treatment (if-needed), branch removal, and much more. As for yourself, there are several things you can do to care for your mature trees.

Start with regular inspections of the branches, foliage, and trunk. Look for environmental problems, damages to the bark, dead or discoloring leaves, fungus or mold growth, pest infestations, or signs of nuisance animal activity. By catching these issues early on, you can protect your tree from extensive harm and prevent paying for tree removal services.

Also, be sure to water your trees regularly, but do not allow the tree’s trunk to get wet. This can lead to mold growth, which then invites pests and other infestation problems. It then deteriorates the tree and weakens its structural integrity. If left unresolved, it can kill the tree. Apply mulch around the base of your trees once every year, two to four inches deep, and one to two inches away from the base of the trunk. The diameter of the mulch bed should not extend beyond the tree’s canopy.

Have a professional tree service check the soil’s PH levels and provide proper fertilization for your mature trees. Proper pH levels in the soil beneath a tree will correct any nutrient deficiencies that hinder tree growth. This also reduces plant stress, which in turn, renders a healthier tree.

Fishers Tree Care

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Tree Service Coupon Fishers Indiana 317-537-9770

Call 317-537-9770 for tree service in Fishers, IN and its surrounding communities. We are licensed arborist that provide a wide range of commercial and residential tree removal and service. We are fully-equipped and trained to undertake any size tree project, from individual tree removal to commercial lot clearing, and beyond! Call 317-537-9770 for prompt and professional tree removal and tree services you can trust in Fishers, Indiana.

Get Rid of Moss on Trees

Moss can seem to be a beautiful occurrence in nature, but the truth is, moss is closer to being a mold and mildew problem than anything else. It grows quickly, thriving mostly in moist and dark environments, just like mold. During the rainy season, moss can grow quickly and survive longer because the overcast skies and wet environment are the perfect combination of dark and moist. Moss is hard to get rid of and remove, and it requires constant preventative maintenance to prohibit a future mold and moss outbreak. Many homeowners notice moss growing on their trees, and wonder how to get rid of the problem. Continue reading to learn about moss, moss removal, and its effect on landscaping trees.

Moss Removal

Moss can create hazardous and costly situations for homes and properties; like making driveways and sidewalks slippery, covering lawns and gardens, overtaking trees, and causing roof and siding damage to our homes. Moss can overcome a tree, covering it from trunk to limb. This is unsightly and can cause moss to spread if the conditions are just right. The best way to prevent a mold and moss disaster is to remove mold, and implement methods to control its return.

Tips to Stop or Remove Mold on Trees:

• Water the Lawn Less Frequently
• Do Not Water Trees in Shaded Areas
• Aerate the Soil
• Improve Water Drainage on Lawn
• Tree Pruning
• Keep Tree Branches Thinned and Trimmed
• Increase Sunlight Exposure to Trees
• Power Wash Tree Trunk (only in winter when tree is dormant)
• Manually Remove Moss from Tree Trunk (by hand)
• Test PH of Lawn with Soil Testing Kit
• Combat Acidic Soils with Lime Applications
• Contact Qualified Arborist for Professional Service

When moss becomes an overwhelming issue for your trees, contact a qualified Fishers Indiana tree service contractor for professional assistance and advice. They retain the proper tools, resources, and training to accurately diagnose and treat tree problems.

Tree Service Fishers Indiana

Tree Service Coupon Fishers Indiana 317-537-9770

Tree Service Coupon Fishers Indiana 317-537-9770

Call 317-537-9770 for professional tree service in Fishers, Indiana. We are highly trained and qualified arborists with decades of experience in the tree service industry. We offer a wide variety of tree services for residential and commercial properties. Tree transplanting, tree disease treatment, tree pruning, trimming, removal, and more are just a few services to name. Call 317-537-9770 to learn more about our professional tree services in Fishers, IN today.