How to Choose the Right Tree for Your Landscape

If you have decided to add some trees to your yard, be sure you know how to match the right type of tree to your landscape. By choosing the wrong tree, you can risk losing your investment, damaging the surrounding landscape, and more. There are several considerations to discuss with your arborist before a. choosing a particular tree, and b. choosing a location for it. Continue reading to cover all of these topics and more before buying some new trees for your home or property.

Tree Selection and Planning

The first thing to consider before buying a new tree is the function it will serve on your property. Do this while also taking into consideration your region’s climate. You see, deciduous trees grow full in spring and summer, providing comfortable shade from the sun; and then lose their foliage in the winter to allow the sun’s rays to heat the home naturally. While evergreens and coniferous trees stay thick with foliage all year long, providing windbreaks, sound barriers, and privacy. So you have to decide which tree best suits your landscaping needs.

The second area to consider is the size and shape of the tree. Choose a short, wide spreading tree for areas beneath utility and power lines, or tall narrow trees between buildings for property lines and barriers. Massive, full trees are a good choice for arbors over driveways and streets, or for privacy. Depending on your particular needs and circumstances, the tree you choose will matter.

Third, and perhaps the most important area to consider is the location. There are several factors that influence the survival rate of a newly planted tree. Soil conditions, pH levels, sun and wind exposure, water drainage, soil compaction, vulnerability to insects and disease, amount of foot traffic, and space constraints are all things to think about and discuss with your arborist when choosing a good location for your tree.

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