How to Protect Trees From Freezing Temperatures

This time of year, many of those who have invested in nice landscaping are concerned about cold temperatures effecting their young and mature trees. They wonder if all this snow and cold weather can harm a tree’s health, or worse, kill it before warm weather emerges once again. The short answer to this question is yes. Continue reading to learn how trees are affected by cold temperatures and extreme climate conditions we often see in winter, and what you can do to protect your trees year-round.

Fishers Tree Service Company 317-537-9770
Fishers Tree Service Company 317-537-9770

Tree Health and Stability

Like virtually all living organisms, trees too can be negatively affected by cold temperatures and inclement weather. This is especially true for long bouts of extreme weather conditions. Several environmental elements, climates, and weather conditions can affect the overall health and stability of a tree. And from these harsh winter temperatures and weather, endless issues may arise. Trees can lose their water and nutrient supply during these seasons, which can eventually cause them to dry up from undernourishment and water deficiency. This commonly occurs when the ground freezes, thus prohibiting tree roots from absorbing water.

Another major concern in the wintertime is excessive snow accumulation, which can cause trees to bend and break. Of course, a large tree that is also unstable is a hazard. Weak and vulnerable trees can fall on people, houses, cars, and buildings, causing costly repairs, or worse, injury and death. It is wise to prevent large amounts of snow from accumulating at the base of your trees for the above two examples. Not only will lack of snow prevent a weakening tree trunk, but it will also reduce the ground temperature, thus preventing the ground from freezing and the trees not being able to absorb water.

Preventative Tree Care Maintenance for Winter

Fortunately, there are several ways you can protect your landscaping trees from suffering any harm caused by extreme cold and harsh winter climates. In order to protect trees in the winter, or during long periods of colder climates, is to be prepared and put in the needed effort. This starts with ensuring your trees are healthy before the winter approaches, so that they are in good condition to face harsh weather and cold temperatures. 

Furthermore, it is important to keep nuisance wildlife and pests away from your trees, implement autumn pruning and trimming, and maintaining proper mulch levels. Even a late winter pruning can be beneficial to your trees, as it can provide extra protection against cold weather and snow. Consult with a local and trusted Fishers Indiana tree service provider for the best advice regarding winter tree care.

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Do I Have to Remove a Dead Tree?

When a tree on your property dies, you are faced with the decision to either remove it or let it be. Continue reading to learn when you might be required to remove a dead tree, and when you might be able to simply use your own personal discretion.  

Tree Removal in Fishers 317-537-9770
Tree Removal in Fishers 317-537-9770

Dead Trees

Dead trees on your property can be quite the conundrum. Some are hazards, and very dangerous to keep up, while others serve valuable ecological and recreational advantages. Either way, dead tree removal is typically up the property owner. It is very rare for the city, county, or homeowners’ association to force a property owner to take down a tree, unless of course it is an obvious hazard. For instance, if you had a dead oak tree that uprooted, thus blocking the sidewalk and street in the neighborhood, you might be asked by the city or local association to have it removed. However, if you have a dead tree standing in your front yard that poses no risk of falling, it is very unlikely that any authority would ask you to take it down.

When to Take Down a Dead Tree

The right time to take a dead tree down might seem obvious, but many people often overlook some common dangers they can pose. Here is when you should remove a dead tree:

⚠ A dead tree should be removed if it is leaning, or uprooted from the ground.

⚠ A dead tree should always be removed if it is obstructing power lines, telephone poles, and other important structures.

⚠ A dead tree should be removed if it is in falling distance of important buildings, structures, or public walkways.

⚠ A dead tree should be removed if it is ridden with pests.

⚠ A dead tree should be removed if it lowers property value or curb appeal.

When to Keep a Dead Tree

Many people do not realize that dead trees are often highly valuable, not only to the surrounding Eco-system, but also to homeowners who enjoy nature-watching. You see, some dead trees are known snag trees, which are trees that serve as habitats for wildlife. Snag trees are one of the most common habitats for all sorts of local wildlife, including squirrels, chipmunks, bats, birds, bugs, and more! See our blog, “What is a Snag?” to learn more about the importance of snag trees, as well as, how to care for one on your property.

Dead Tree Removal Services in Fishers, Indiana

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Fishers Tree Service Coupons
Fishers Tree Service Coupons 317-537-9770

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What is a Snag?

Dead Tree Removal 317-537-9770

Dead Tree Removal 317-537-9770

In forest ecology, you are likely to come across the term, “snag.” A snag is a term used to describe still-standing trees that are dead and actively going through the decomposition process. Snags play an integral role in the surrounding forest ecosystem, and offer many benefits for our environment as a whole. How can a dead tree be beneficial? Continue reading to learn more about snags and the role they play in our ecosystems.

Formation of Tree Snags

Live trees become snags when they are damaged by fire, lightening, inclement weather, disease, drought, too much shade, too much water, root complications, and land development. Many things can kill a tree, which is why routine tree care is so important. Trees require an optimal amount of water, sunlight, and nutrients, just like most living organisms. When these needs are not met or well-balanced, trees will begin to experience decline. As they weaken, they become more vulnerable to illness, disease, and disruption. To property owners, this is bad news, but for local wildlife, a snag is simply another home opened on the market.

A Wildlife Habitat

Snags, or dead standing trees, are also known as “wildlife trees” because they provide a critical habitat for more than 100 species of wildlife. Wild animals like squirrels, bats, raccoons, owls, birds, and more, use snags as their nesting or roosting area, and for many reasons. Not only is a snag easy to rip apart to form crevices and cavities, many naturally form hollowed areas and holes for animals to use as shelter.

Formations like hollow trunks, excavated cavities, and dead branches are highly useful for wildlife, and can keep them warm and protected during the harsh winter seasons. In fact, without snags, many species of wildlife would not survive the inclement weather this time of year. Furthermore, decaying wood produces and attracts a variety of decomposers, such as bacteria and fungi, insects, and other invertebrates. Snags are a terrific habitat for these organisms, which also makes them a rich source of food for wildlife.

Signs of a Dead or Dying Tree

To identify a snag, you will want to start by looking at its appearance. Discoloration, missing foliage, dry bark, sap runs, wildlife interference, and more, are all common signs of a sick or dead tree. For instance, a dead tree will have brittle, dry bark. If you snap a twig in half and the inner flesh is dull, white, or gray, the tree is likely dead. If the flesh inside the twig is still yellow or green, your tree is still alive. However, a tree be alive, but also be on the verge of dying. So it is important to learn the signs of a dying tree as well, which we will cover in next month’s blog!

Stay Tuned for Our Next Blog to Learn How to Identify Dead and Dying Trees!

Dead Tree Removal in Fishers

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How Much Does it Cost to Remove a Tree?

Removing a tree is a complex and specialized job that requires professional knowledge, training, and equipment. Whether fallen, dead, or dying, it is important to hire professional tree care company for safe and insured tree removal services. Prices for tree removal vary from case to case, and depend on a long list of factors. If you have a tree that needs removed from your property, continue reading to learn what to expect in terms of pricing and labor and who to trust for reliable tree service.

Factors to Consider

Most of the time, tree service charges consist of labor, materials, time, processing, disposal, transportation, and equipment. There are so many variables that influence the price of tree removal, even for just one tree. A tree removal job can appear simple, but actually turn out to be more work than you think. This is because, sometimes, a closer look can reveal hidden hazards and additional environmental factors that make a project more complex. When loosely estimating the price to remove a tree on your property, these are some influential factors to consider:

Structural Integrity
Physical Condition
Multiple Trunks
And More

Average Costs

With all of these factors in mind, you can expect an average tree removal job to cost anywhere from $150 to $1,500. A tree up to 25 feet tall can cost between $150 and $500. A tree 25 to 75 feet tall might cost between $200 and $1,000. A tree any taller can cost $1,500 or more. It all depends on the company you choose and the above factors listed.

Additional Costs

On top of the general cost to remove a tree, a tree care company might charge for additional tree services upon the property owner’s request. These include stump grinding, stump removal, wood chipping, and log splitting. These services are not usually included in a standard tree removal estimate, but may be suggested by the tree care technician if they believe you need it.

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Call 317-537-9770 for tree removal in Fishers, Indiana and its surrounding locations. We have extensive experience in the tree care industry and use the latest technologies to safely and efficiently remove trees in every condition. We offer a wide range of commercial and residential tree services, including stump grinding, lot clearing, dead tree removal, and more. Call 317-537-9770 to request a free estimate for Fishers tree service, today.

Call Fishers Tree Service for Tree Damage Clearance From Wednesday’s Storm!

This past Wednesday was certainly the storm of the year so far. The heavy winds, rain, and ground-shaking thunder had us all worried for our cars, houses, landscaping, and more. This is because we know just how damaging Indiana rainstorms can be, especially in periods of hail and sleet. Wednesday night’s storm was a heavy one, bringing about loads of storm damage for residential and commercial properties throughout Fishers and its surrounding areas. Fallen trees, broken limbs, and scattered branches are all hazardous debris that occurred from the storm. And they disrupted power lines, rooftops, home siding, vehicles, street lights, entrances, roads, bridges, and more.

Storm Damaged Trees

Fortunately, Fishers Tree Care is here for residential and commercial property owners during this post-storm period! We provide storm damage clearance and cleanup in Fishers, IN and its surrounding locations. Our highly-trained and licensed tree care specialists are fully-equipped to clear and remove fallen trees, damaged trees, large limbs, branches, twigs, and more, and at the most competitive prices in town! Not only do we offer reasonable prices, you can also take advantage of our tree service coupons and discounts! Right now, get 10% off ANY tree service!

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Call us at 317-537-9770 to request a free estimate or information about tree service and tree removal in Fishers, IN today. We are experienced tree care technicians that are deeply devoted to quality customer support and service. If you have tree storm damage on your property from this week’s storm, we can help you get your landscape back on track and in good condition. We retain equipment that allows us to move extra-large trees and branches, so we can manage your storm damage regardless of size or scope. Call 317-537-9770 for tree storm damage service, today!

Residential Tree Pruning Tips

Tree pruning is an important form of preventative maintenance in terms of science and aesthetics. As a common component of routine tree care, pruning alters the growth and formation of a tree in a safe and strategic manner. Tree shaping is a similar service, but focuses more on the physically appearance rather than health and growth management. Pruning has several benefits for all tree species, both evergreen and deciduous, and helps prevent a wide variety of tree problems.

Reasons to Prune a Tree:

• Improve overall appearance
• Remove dead or dying branches
• Encourage flower and fruit production
• Corrective purposes
• Remove branch stubs
• Increase foliage density
• Remove branches that rub together
• And more

Never prune a tree for no reason at all. And it is never good to prune more than 25 percent of the total grown foliage. This could end up being detrimental to the tree, especially during a growing season like spring or summer.

Winter Tree Pruning

If you choose to have your trees pruned in the winter, you are doing what most homeowners do. Winter is the dormant season for trees, so it is a common time for pruning service. Pruning this time of year results in an energetic burst of foliage come spring. It is vital to wait until the most frigid parts of winter are passed before pruning trees.

Summer Pruning

Summer is also an acceptable time to prune trees. Pruning during this time of year will better “direct” the growth of the tree by slowing down branch growth. To accomplish this, tree pruning should take place directly after the seasonal growth is complete. This is also a good time to make any alterations for corrective purposes.

Fall Pruning

Never prune trees in the fall. It is the one time of year that trees take longer to heal from cuts. Also, decaying fungi spores spread abundantly in the autumn months, which can infect fresh tree wounds and cuts. Talk to a trusted tree care company for advice about pruning your trees.

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Call 317-537-9770 for professional tree service in Fishers, Indiana. We are highly trained and qualified tree care technicians that offer a wide range of tree services for residential and commercial properties. Choose from routine tree service like tree trimming and pruning, to emergency tree services like storm damage cleanup and dead tree removal. Our tree services prices are the most competitive in town, and we also offer coupons and discounts! Call 317-537-9770 for affordable tree care in Fishers, IN and its surrounding locations.

The Four Factors Surrounding Tree Valuation

Trees, plants, and all other flora are highly valuable. Not only do they enhance our surroundings with their beauty, they provide a long list of vital benefits, most importantly oxygen and air purification. But they also provide sound barriers, wind reduction, energy preservation, privacy, aesthetic individuality, and so much more. For this reason, it is understandable that many property owners wish to have their landscaping trees valuated to see just how much they increase the overall value of their property. Continue reading to learn which four factors professional tree appraisers use to valuate trees and determine their worth in terms of currency.

Tree Size

The first factor that most tree appraisers look at is size. This is because the size of a tree directly represents its age, which is an important aspect of tree value. However, in some cases, the size of a tree can be problematic too. It all depends on the external environmental circumstances and condition of the tree. In the case that a very large tree becomes diseased or damaged, there is a possibility of recapturing the loss though an insurance claim or perhaps a federal tax deduction. This is because a very large tree is not usually replaceable due to its size.

Tree Condition

The condition of a tree is another vital aspect to consider when evaluating a tree’s worth. A healthy tree in stable condition will certainly be worth more than a sick or dying tree, however, sometimes a sick tree can be treated so long as the condition is not too extreme. During the inspection process, the tree’s trunk, roots, branches, limbs, buds, and foliage will all be checked and evaluated.

Tree Species

The most valuable species of trees are those that are sturdy, strong, highly adaptable, and free from disagreeable traits. This is mostly because they require less maintenance and live for a long time. Species of tree that evince these characteristics include Oaks, Locust, Elms, and more.

Tree Location

In terms of tree location, valuators will consider functionality. For example, a tree that stands alone is generally more valuable than one that stands in a group of trees. Trees that have become focal points for landscapes will be assigned more value than a random tree that serves no aesthetic or serviceable purpose. So when it comes to location, the contribution factor, site factor, and location all contribute to its overall worth.

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Call 317-537-9770 for tree service in Fishers, Indiana. We offer professional tree removal and tree services for both residential and commercial properties. Services include dead tree removal, tree trimming, lot clearing, disease treatment, and more. Our rates are the most competitive in town, so you can rest assure knowing you are getting quality workmanship at a fair price. Call 317-537-9770 for tree removal in Fishers, IN today.

Important Routine Tree Services for Residential Properties

Trees and landscaping are among some of the most admired outdoor amenities in neighborhoods and on residential properties; that is, if they are cared for correctly. There is something about trees, gardens, and other flora that impressively influences outdoor ambiance for homes. So what are some of the most effective tree services a homeowner can benefit from to achieve beautiful landscaping? The answer is simple! Continue reading to learn some useful and recommended tree services for attractive landscaping and foliage.

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming is another major necessity when it comes to routine tree care. Cutting off dead tree branches, trimming leaves, and tree topping all promote healthier growth patterns in trees and for their leaves. Be sure to hire a professional tree service company to facilitate any kind of tree work that requires heavy equipment and labor. These companies retain the proper tools, staffs, licenses, and experience to carry out any type of residential or commercial tree services.

Tree Pruning and Shaping

Pruning a tree and tree shaping are basically the same job. Residential tree pruning service is needed to remove dead, diseased, and broken tree branches; as well as, reduce tree height, thin the crown, change the shape and design of the tree, and increase growth and air circulation. Tree shaping, tree pruning, tree thinning, and more are all a part of tree care for residential properties.

Dead Tree Removal

One of the most important tasks to handle when it comes to maintaining a healthy outdoor landscape is removing dead trees. A dead tree could mean many things. It could be dead from a tree bark disease, Emerald Ash Borers or other insect infestations, mold growth, and more. These ailments are a threat for the rest of the healthy greenery on your property. Get rid of dead or diseased trees to promote a healthier and safer habitat for the existing healthy trees on your property.

Tree services are highly recommended to maintain an admirable outdoor landscape; as well as, ensure the safety of your property. Periodically inspecting the larger trees on your property is also highly recommended in order to reduce the likelihood of fallen trees and structural damages. Professional tree care is the only way to go when it comes to tree service for your home and property.

Fishers Tree Service

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Call 317-537-9770 for commercial and residential tree services in Fishers, Indiana. We are highly trained, qualified, and experienced tree care specialists that are happy to answer any questions you have about tree service and tree removal. We also offer tree removal, tree transplanting, trimming, pruning, shaping, lot clearing, and much more. For information about our Fishers Tree Service prices and availability, call 317-537-9770 and speak with a friendly staff member today.

The Most Common Tree Diseases in North America

Trees can fall ill from disease and infection just the same as any other living organism. In America, trees can be victim to several diseases; some of which have no treatment or cure. It is important to protect our trees from hazardous elements and harmful exposure; however, in nature, these things tend to take their own course no matter what. Continue reading to learn about the most common tree diseases known and seen in Indiana, and how to safeguard your property from these damaging ailments.

Heart Rot

Heart rot is a fungal condition that affects the integrity of a tree’s trunk, bark, branches, and structure. The disease attacks hardwood trees specifically, such as oaks, walnuts, ash trees, birch trees, poplars, and all other types of deciduous trees. It weakens and rots the bark from within; even more so in harsh weather and windy conditions. It creates a danger zone for anything surrounding the tree below. Heart rot has caused trees to tip, bend, and fall onto homes, cars, and other expensive assets. Some signs of Heart Rot include:

• Fungus Growth
• Protruding Mushroom Caps
• Leaning Tree Trunk
• Wood Decay
• Fungus Conks
• Mold
• Etc.

Healthy trees will naturally combat Heart Rot with a process called compartmentalization. In order to get healthy trees, routine maintenance is essential. Regular pruning, fertilizing, wound care, and more is vital to sustain a tree’s immunity. A local tree service company or technician can give you all the tips and advice you need for DIY tree maintenance.

Chestnut Blight

Chestnut Blight is a disease that affects the American Chestnut Tree. This tree was once one of the most important timber trees in early twentieth century society, until a devastating Chestnut Blight epidemic took effect. It wiped out nearly all of the Chestnut tree population in North America, leaving behind very few mature trees today. Chestnut Blight is a pathogenic fungal disease that enters through tree wounds and grows from within. Just like Heart Rot, it will eventually weaken and decay the bark; jeopardizing the structural integrity as a whole. Evidence of Chestnut Blight can include symptoms such as:

• Tree Cankers
• Callus Formations
• Swelling and Cracking of Bark
• Wilting Leaves
• Fallen Branches
• Browning Leaves
• Leaning Tree Trunk
• Wood Decay
• Discolored Tree Bark
• Etc.

Oak Wilt

Another common fungal disease that can kill trees is called Oak wilt. As the name describes, it only primarily species of Oak trees; however, it can harm other species of tree as well, but in a different way. Red Oaks have proven to be more susceptible to Oak Wilt than species of White Oaks. Examples of Red Oaks include Black, Red, and Northern Pin; while examples of White Oaks include Bur, White Stamp, and other round-leafed species. The disease is locally spread from infected trees to healthy ones by insects and plant roots. The infection causes the crowns of Oak trees to reduce and die. It also harms the bark, leaves, and tree branches. Signs of Oak Wilt include:

• Bronze-Colored Leaves
• Branch Loss
• Dead Crowns
• Leaf Wilting
• Discolored Vascular Tissues
• Brown Stains Under Bark
• Etc.

To reduce the likelihood of infected trees on your property, be sure to provide them with proper routine maintenance and care, year-round. Trees require checkups and upkeep just as we do. Recommended tree maintenance includes trimming, pruning, topping, fertilization, dead wooding, and more. It is best to consult a tree service company for professional advice and information on residential or commercial tree care.

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