Why Does My Tree Have No Leaves?

Fishers Tree Service 317-537-9770

Fishers Tree Service 317-537-9770

Most trees bloom in the spring as they come out of their dormant winter state. So by this time, if your landscaping tree has not produced any leaves, there is most certainly an issue. Whether or not the issue is treatable is something only a professional tree care contractor can tell you after taking the time to assess your trees condition. If the issue is not treatable, you may need to consider having the tree removed for purposes of safety and investment protection.

While you wait for your tree service company to arrive, it will help put your curiosity at ease by learning some possible reasons why your tree didn’t bloom this year. Continue reading to do just that!

What You Need to Know

Some trees actually do bloom later in the summer. So it could be possible that there is nothing wrong with your tree, and instead, it is just a late bloomer. This is common during springs and summers that experience unprecedented or irregular climate changes. Ask your Fishers tree service technician which species are more common to bloom in the mid-to-late summer. If your tree is not a late bloomer, there could be other reasons why it is missing its leaves.

Another reason why trees sometimes do not bloom leaves is due to poor soil conditions. If soil is too heavy, too acidic, or too alkaline, it can affect a tree’s health and the way it grows. Use a soil testing kit to test your soil, and make any necessary adjustments using store-bought soil additives.

A restricted root system is another common reason behind missing leaves. Structural damage from lawn mowing or construction can sometimes impede a root system’s ability to transport water and nutrients to the canopy of the tree. Without sufficient levels of water and nutrition, a tree does not have the energy needed to produce leaves. Pest infestation, tree disease, and nuisance wildlife interference are other common reasons for trees to not bloom.

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Tips for Buying a Stump Grinder

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It is wise to hire a professional tree care company for safe and cost-effective stump grinding services since purchasing a stump grinder for just one tree is not a lucrative decision. However, if you are starting up your own tree care company, have a copse of trees that need to be removed, or have multiple uses for one, purchasing a stump grinder is a good investment. Continue reading to learn what you should look for in a quality stump grinding machine.

Factors to Consider:

Renting a stump grinder is another option for those who do not find it practical to purchase one for long-term use. Renting is risky since you do not know the history of the machine, and it may have performance issues as a result of poor maintenance and natural wear and tear. Unlike renting, when shopping around for a stump grinder, you must take a few factors into consideration since this is an investment you will want to make good use of for years to come.

To walk out with a quality stump grinder, consider these factors:

Size – Sizes vary depending on the intended use. For easy and safe maneuverability, try to go with a stump grinder with a slimmer body design. Not only does this reduce fatigue, it allows for easier access to those hard-to-reach spots.

Horsepower – You want the most horsepower possible. Use your budget to determine which stump grinding horsepower is right for you. The higher the power, the more expensive. Get the highest horsepower your budget will allow.

Cutter Disk – You do not want a defective cutter disc, so be sure yours is carbide, with sharp teeth and no visible defects.

Weight – Like size, the weight of your stump grinder will play a large role in your work comfort and overall ability. Choose a weight you are comfortable carrying around for a stretch of time. For large projects, you must arrange proper transportation for a bigger, heavier stump grinder.

Depth – You want to be able to grind down a tree stump to at least 20 inches below grade. Choose a machine that can meet this minimum.

Price – Go by horsepower to set your budget. You want to purchase a stump grinder that has the highest horsepower within your budget.

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