The Pros and Cons to Burning a Tree Stump

After you take down tree, you’re bound to have a tree stump. Many tree stumps can be incorporated into a property’s lawn as a decorative feature, or even a functional asset, perhaps for bird houses or hammocks. However, many people want to get rid of the tree trunk completely, whether for new construction projects or for aesthetic curb appeal. Although there are many methods to getting rid of a tree stump, from stump grinding to full root stump removal, many homeowners are curious about a method that falls somewhere in between, known as stump burning. But before you grabbed some matches and a lighter, be sure you know what you need to know about burning a tree stump.

Continue reading to learn the basics to stump burning, including a review of the common pros and cons.

Fishers Tree Stump Removal 317-537-9770
Fishers Tree Stump Removal 317-537-9770

Stump Burning Basics

Most people assume stump burning involves lighting a tree stump on fire. In reality, stump burning requires a two-step process involving potassium nitrate or saltpeter, as well as a small controlled fire. Within the two-step process, the stump must also be cut at a certain angle, and several holes must be bored in the center of the trunk. From there, potassium nitrate and hot water are added, and once the substance has fully dissolved within the trunk, a small controlled fire is set on top.

But what about the legalities surrounding stump burning? Are there penalties for burning your tree stump without a particular certification or permit? Or is it perfectly legal to burn a tree stump on your property? Well, Indiana does have active open burning regulations that decrees trash burning against the law, typically forbidding all forms of open burning. However, there are exempt burning activities. One such exemption is agricultural maintenance burning. (IC) 13-17-9-1 and Open Burning Rule 326 IAC 4-1

So, stump burning is legal so long as you’re doing so on your own personal property. But does this mean you should do it? Here are the top pros and cons discussed among homeowners who’ve tried in the past.

✅ Pros

Tree stump burning is legal in Indiana, but always check with your local fire department first before beginning a project on your property. The most admired advantage to getting rid of a tree stump by burning practices is its efficiency and convenience. The materials you need to do so are available at your local home improvement store, or sometimes even in your own garage. For those who are familiar with setting fires and controlling fires, burning a tree stump could be very simple to do. For those who are not familiar with working with fire, it is strongly encouraged to not attempt tree stump burning on your own.

⛔ Cons

One of the most common and talked-about disadvantages to burning a tree stump is the low oxygen burn phenomenon. You see, tree stumps that are deep within the ground typically do not get enough oxygen exposure to support a fire. And even if they do support a fire, that fire is not likely to make any sort of notable difference in removing the tree stump from the lawn. Most often, in low oxygen burn environments, rather than eliminating the tree trunk, a charcoal material is produced in its place, which is usually impossible to get rid of.

Professional Stump Removal and Tree Service in Fishers, Indiana

Call 317-537-9770 for year-round tree care service and stump removal in Fishers, Indiana. We are highly trained and experienced tree care contractors that offer a wide range of residential and commercial tree services at competitive prices. We also offer tree service coupons and discounts! Request a free estimate, today.

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Is it Better to Rent a Tree Stump Grinder and Do it Myself?

When it comes to removing an old tree stump, there are a few options you can choose from. However, not all options are always possible, leaving property owners with only one or two. The top three solutions to getting rid of a tree stump without fully removing it from the ground are to 1) purchase a stump grinder, 2) rent a stump grinder, or 3) outsource stump grinding services.

Continue reading to learn a little about all three options, as well as, how to decide which course of action is most compatible with your stump grinding needs.

Fishers Tree Stump Removal 317-537-9770
Fishers Tree Stump Removal 317-537-9770

Stump Grinder Sales and Rentals

Before going any further with the contemplation between renting and buying a stump grinder, you must first ask yourself whether or not you are cut out to operate such machinery. In order to get successful results, safely and within an efficient amount of time, you need to have some experience with stump grinding machinery and strategy. Not only do you need proper experience, you must also have comprehensive knowledge of how the stump grinding process works. With that being said, if you do not have any experience with stump grinding, it is not recommended to rent, let alone buy, a stump grinder to level a tree stump.

When to Buy

It might be a good decision to buy a stump grinder if you are planning on starting your own tree service or landscaping company. As a primary asset to your business, you would be right to invest in a machine that will continue to bring in more revenue, and eventually pay itself off. In another scenario, buying a stump grinder is a good choice if you have experience and own a large lot with several trees. Perhaps you are always faced with a stump or trunk grinding project, making it convenient and cost-efficient to have a grinder on hand.

When to Rent

It might be a good choice to rent a stump grinder if you have experience using one, and you have a large-scale landscaping or new construction project in the works. Rather than outsourcing stump grinding services ten times over the course of 3 months, you can simply rent one and use it as needed. Because it is rented, you will not have to make a massive, upfront investment. Because you only need it for a few months and then never again, renting makes more sense financially.

When to Hire a Professional for Stump Grinding Service

If you do not have experience using stump grinding machinery, you should never try to do so on your own. In this case, it is best to always hire a licensed and insured Fishers Indiana Tree Service Company for professional stump grinding services you can trust. Not only is a professional company licensed by the state to perform such work, they are fully-insured, which eliminates your liability if anything were to happen during the job. Furthermore, professional companies retain formally-trained and certified staff, as well as, modern technologies and resources to get the job done safely and on time.

But Who Can You Trust for Quality Stump Grinding in Fishers, Indiana?

Call 317-537-9770 for professional tree stump grinding and stump removal in Fishers, Indiana. We are highly trained and experienced tree care contractors that offer a wide range of residential and commercial tree services, including tree removal, lot clearing, tree trimming, pruning, and more. In addition to maintaining the most competitive prices in town, we also offer tree service coupons and discounts! Request a free estimate for Fishers tree service, today.

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Fishers Tree Service 317-537-9770

How Much Does Stump Removal Cost?

Tree Stump Removal 317-537-9770

Tree Stump Removal 317-537-9770

Sure, you’ve arranged to have your tree removed. You’ve covered the costs and you are ready for the tree care company to arrive and finish the job. But have you considered what is left over after a tree is removed? The tree stump of course! Many homeowners make the mistake of assuming that the price of tree removal includes the stump removal part; but unfortunately, this assumption is incorrect. It is common for tree care companies to charge extra for stump removal, and for good reason. The project is highly-complex, unpredictable, and demanding.

It is important to always ask your tree care technician if the cost of stump removal is included in your estimate for tree removal. If it is not, be sure to request an estimate for the additional service if you desire it. Often times, people enjoy leftover tree stumps, turning them into pieces of art, yard furniture, and landscaping décor. Opting out of stump removal will save you money if you don’t mind having a tree stump on your property. But if you do not want a tree stump on your premises for any reason, be sure to educate yourself on the average cost of stump removal, as well as factors that may influence its price, so that you are prepared when you receive your final estimate.

Stump Removal Prices

Tree Stump Removal 317-537-9770

Affordable Tree Stump Removal 317-537-9770

The cost of stump removal varies depending on a variety of factors, including type, size (diameter and height), age, location, root system, soil conditions, level of risk, extent of cleanup, and much more. It is cheaper to remove a stump yourself, but DIY stump removal is not recommended for anyone except those with experience. Although every case is different and prices vary, the average cost of stump removal generally remain between $60 and $400 per stump.

These prices are generally calculated by using a price guideline of $2 – $3 per Inch of Diameter of the stump. So of your stump is 20 inches in diameter, the base cost (not including additional costs for additional factors) would be between $40 and $60 or so. Then other factors can increase this price, including tree disease or infestations, dangerous location, extensive root system, and more. The best way to determine an accurate price for the stump you wish to have removed is to contact a licensed and experienced tree service company in your area. They can give you an in-person estimate for free.

Fishers Tree Stump Removal

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Call 317-537-9770 for professional and affordable tree stump removal in Fishers, Indiana. We offer a wide range of residential and commercial tree services, including stump grinding and stump removal. And on top of the most competitive prices in town, we also have fantastic tree service coupons! Call 317-537-9770 to request an estimate for Fishers tree stump removal, today.

Can English Ivy Harm My Trees?

English Ivy is a popular fast-growing evergreen vine found grasping and climbing just about anything it can, including fences, telephone poles, street signs, homes, buildings, and trees. It is a visually-stunning flora for any property, given that it remains green and lush throughout the winter seasons. It can also be eco-friendly, keeping homes cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. But what many property owners do not realize about English Ivy are the negative affects it can have on landscaping trees.

Continue reading to learn why English Ivy can be harmful to trees and how it can be responsibly managed.

Invasive and Resilient

English Ivy is not a native species to the United States, having been brought over by European immigrants centuries ago. English Ivy is resilient and long-lasting for many reasons. Not only does it contain tiny roots that ooze a glue-like substance allowing it to stick anywhere, it requires virtually no maintenance once it starts growing. Also, it has no natural pests and is not susceptible to any diseases that can hinder its growth, which is one reason why ivy grows so rapidly and so vastly. For this reason, it can quickly become a nuisance vine, overcoming all biodiversity and structures in its path. Although it is not technically considered an invasive species in Indiana, it is important for property owners to responsibly manage and control their English Ivy growths so other properties and landscapes are not affected or overcome by it.

Tree Damages

English Ivy may look beautiful wrapped gracefully around your trees, but in reality, it is damaging them. It is important to have English Ivy removed once it becomes out of control. It is a time-consuming process that will require professional assistance. If it has damaged a tree more than 30 percent, the tree must be removed for safety purposes. English Ivy is harmful to trees because it is heavy and suffocating. Here are some details regarding the harmful effects of English Ivy on trees:

It Adds Strain and Stress to Trees. Because it’s heavy in weight, English Ivy puts a tree under a lot of pressure and duress. The added weight is not only a burden, it can jeopardize the tree’s structural integrity during its vulnerable seasons. During these times, strong winds and storms can easily take a tree down that is overcome with heavy ivy growth.

It Hinders Photosynthesis. Since English Ivy grows so thick and abundant, it covers the tree entirely, inhibiting sunlight exposure. When a tree cannot get enough sunlight, it cannot receive sufficient nutrients through the process of photosynthesis.

It Constricts and Suffocates Trees. When English Ivy grows over a tree, it covers the tree bark all the way around. This “hugging” of the tree is actually constricting the tree’s growth. It cannot expand in girth because the ivy is holding it back. This will render a tree weakened and hazardous.

It Steals Nutrients. English Ivy roots lay on top of tree roots, which means it is taking in all the water and nutrients first that would otherwise go directly to the tree. Also, it inhibits other forms of nutrients, like fall leaves and other natural remains. After some time, the tree will die of dehydration and nutrient deficiency.

It Blocks Tree Bark Pores. Tree bark contains tiny pores called lenticils that facilitate the exchange of natural gases. With English Ivy blocking these pores with overgrowth, the tree cannot function properly and soon dies.

Tree Care in Fishers

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Call 317-537-9770 for professional tree removal in Fishers, Indiana. We are highly trained and qualified tree care specialists with decades of experience removing dead, dying, diseased, or damaged trees. Our tree services are available for both commercial and residential properties throughout the city. We offer free estimates, tree removal, stump grinding and removal, and much more. Call 317-537-9770 for tree removal services in Fishers, IN and its surrounding locations.

Key Factors that Help Determine the Cost of Tree Removal

There are several elements that can influence the cost of removing trees on residential and commercial properties. To understand the reasons behind this commonly-used price chart, one must first recognize the reasons tree removal can cost more in certain circumstances; while costing less in others. Continue reading to get familiar with the various aspects of tree removal that can affect the final estimate of a tree service job, entirely.

Size, Quantity, and Location

The most influential factors that will decide the cost of tree service is size, location, and quantity. For obvious reasons, the larger the tree, the more labor it will require to take down. Because labor equals time and money, this increases the final bill for tree service. On top of tree size, the location is a key player in the final billing process. For example, if a tree is located near cables, wires, and other dangerous obstacles, it could be risky and time-consuming to accomplish. This will certainly increase the cost of tree removal. Other location factors include proximity to streets, roads, and adjacent houses. If tree removal or service requires work in a neighbor’s yard, or promises impact, this could add to the final cost as well.

Tree Health

The stability of a tree can be assessed by determining the status of health; which in turn determines the price of the service. Trees that are dying, diseased, or already dead can cost more to remove; mainly due to the degree of risk and difficulty of the project. Healthy trees are much easier and safer to remove or cut down, resulting in a slightly smaller invoice.

Additional Tree Services

If a property or tree project requires extra tree services, it will increase the final cost. Additional services such as stump removal, stump grinding, tree fertilization, trimming, and other specialized tasks cost extra due to the increased labor and use of equipment. Larger staffs and supplementary tree removal equipment are needed to facilitate these extra services for residential and commercial properties.

Fortunately, there are professional tree care companies that offer seasonal specials, discounts, and free estimates. It is important to get complimentary estimates for tree service jobs in order to hunt down the best price. Be sure to use a fully licensed and experienced company that retains the proper equipment and staffs to carry out professional tree service assignments. This is the only way to guarantee trusted tree work.

Fishers Tree Service

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Call 317-537-9770 for prompt and professional tree removal in Fishers, Indiana. We offer a wide range of tree service, including tree trimming, pruning, shaping, fertilization, stump removal, stump grinding, tree diseases, lot clearing, and much more. As highly trained and licensed arborists, we are qualified to provide both commercial and residential tree services at the most competitive price in town. Call 317-537-9770 for quick and affordable
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you can trust!

How to Tie Up Trees

When you need to dig up, transplant, or remove a tree, it is important to first tie up the branches properly. Tying up the lower sections of branches prior to tree removal helps to avoid damages to tree limbs and gives you a better workspace and view during the digging process. Branches that are not tied, or tied properly, will get in your way while you try to dig, scratch up your arms, and potentially break off. Continue reading to a brief guide to tying up tree branches for digging.

Tree Twine

Tree tying involves tying up branches from the bottom sections of the tree, and working your way upwards. In order to do this, you will need string or rope that is strong enough to get this job done. Be sure to purchase a decent quality tree twine, or string. The larger the tree branches, the thicker the twine should be. Some people choose to use two different types of twine, which is perfectly acceptable and entirely based on personal preference. Be sure you have a pair of gloves in case you are working with an evergreen or pine.

Tree Transplanting

Keep in mind that tree transplants should be done in the early spring following the seasonal thaw, or in the late fall prior to the ground thawing. You want to transplant a tree before the buds bloom, or before it goes dormant for the winter and the ground refreezes. If you choose to do this in the fall, be sure the leaves on the tree have already dropped before digging it up.

Here’s What To Do:

1. Find a North-Facing Branch. Tie a piece of string around it so that you know which direction it should be facing when it comes time to replant it. Failing to do so can result in tree sunburns or sun scalding.

2. Tie a Piece of Twine Around the Trunk Where it Meets the Soil. This will remind you how far to place the tree into the ground when replanting it.

3. Find a Bottom Branch. Tie twine around it and leave the string reel open-ended so you can continue twisting it around the tree.

4. Twist and Pull Twine Upwards. As you pull the twine around the tree, gently fold the branches upwards against the trunk and in the same direction. Be careful not to break any limbs. However, it’s not detrimental to the tree if you do break a few.

5. Tie Twine in a Loop. Once you reach the top of the tree, tie the twine into a loop.

For professional tree transplanting assistance, contact a qualified tree service company in your neighborhood. They can offer prompt and proficient tree services at an affordable price.

Tree Service Fishers Indiana

Tree Service Coupon Fishers Indiana

Tree Service Coupon Fishers Indiana

Call 317-537-9770 for professional tree services in Fishers, Indiana. We are dedicated tree care contractors with extensive training and experience in the tree service industry. Our teams can provide a wide range of tree services, including tree transplanting, tree removal, pruning, trimming, stump grinding, stump removal, and much more. Call 317-537-9770 so you can learn more about our affordable Fishers tree removal services, today.

Manual Stump Removal Versus Stump Grinding

The method and degree of difficulty for removing a stump largely depends on its size and age. An older tree stump is likely rotted or decayed, making it easier to remove; while a fresh stump is solid and requires more labor and supplies to remove. There are several methods to stump removal, but they all boil down to two categories, manual versus grinding. Continue reading to learn the manual methods of stump removal and stump grinding, as well as, the methods that involve both.

Manual Tree Stump Removal

Generally, older and smaller trees, stumps, and shrubs are easier to remove, so a manual approach to doing so is your best option in most cases. There are a few different approaches to manual stump removal. One approach is to drill a few large, deep holes into the stump from the top, and then fill those holes with either a natural compound like cow manure that has a high nitrogen content, or a store-bought stump remover solution the promotes tree decay in the same way. From there, all you do is wait for the tree trunk to rot away and become one with the Earth again. Although easy, keep in mind this is the slowest method to stump removal.

Another method of manual stump removal is probably the most attempted method, as well as, the most dangerous and destructive. It is the old fashion version of tree stump removal, using a rope, and a vehicle. You get the picture. This can cause major damage to a vehicle, the driver, the landscape, and the surrounding environment. This is a popular method for the DIY tree stump remover, but not a recommended one. Do not try this under any circumstances, ever!

Stump Grinding

For larger or fresher tree stumps, a more invasion and aggressive method of removal is needed. This typically involves using machinery like chainsaws, chip grinders, lateral grinding machines, and more. Stump grinding is the fastest method for removing tree trunks. For those who prefer the DIY route, you can rent or purchase a stump grinding machine, but be sure to do ample research to learn how to safely handle such equipment. The best option for stump grinding is to hire a professional tree company who already retains the proper tools, equipment, resources, licensing, and training to remove tree stumps in a time frame that’s convenient for you.

Tree Service Fishers Indiana

Call 317-537-9770 for prompt and professional tree stump removal in Fishers, Indiana. We offer a wide range of tree services for both residential and commercial properties at the most competitive prices in town. When you need tree service you can trust, call on our highly trained and qualified tree contractors every time! Just dial 317-537-9770 and speak directly to a qualified tree service professional in Fishers, IN today.

Caring for a Newly Transplanted Tree

Sometimes a tree needs to be moved and replanted. Whether relocating, buying a new house, renovating backyard, adding patio additions or space additions to the home, or remodeling the property’s landscape, tree transplanting is a frequent necessity among home owners. For whatever reason it is that you need to move and replant a tree, be sure you are familiar with all the proper practices and guidelines for doing so; otherwise, you can quickly kill a tree if any phase of a transplant goes wrong. Knowing how to properly transplant a tree is the answer to caring for a newly transplanted tree. Continue reading to learn these recommended practices so you can feel confident when it comes time to transplant a tree.

Tree Transplanting

Before getting started, it is important to gather all needed tools and supplies for the job. This includes comfortable but strong gardening gloves, a large shovel, plastic rope, soil, water, a planter, and an empty bucket. Be sure your shovel is sharp enough to penetrate the ground, and that your soil is the proper type for your tree. Some trees need a sand-like soil, while others require a more organic soil.

Once you have all your needed supplies, get started by keeping the tree amply watered a few days before you intend to dig it up. Watering the tree ahead of time, before the transplant, will assure the tree roots are saturated with plenty of water for when it is out of the ground.

On the day of the actual transplant, start by gently securing the limbs and branches of the tree with the plastic rope. Pull the branches toward the tree trunk, and then tie the rope around them to prevent them from getting damaged during the move.

Next, dig a trench around the base of the tree. This trench doesn’t need to be more than 25 inches. It just needs to be deep enough to reach the tree’s root ball. After you dig this trench, cut beneath the tree to remove the root ball, careful to not damage any roots.

Smaller trees can be temporarily placed in a bucket of fresh water, while you fill up the planter with soil. If the tree is larger, prepare the planter ahead of time since the root ball won’t fit into a bucket of water. Once the planter is a quarter of the way filled with the proper soil-type, add the tree carefully, then fill the rest of the planter will the remaining soil. Pack the soil down with your hands to ensure all roots are surrounded.

Keep the planter in a safe and secure area, and water the tree regularly until it is time to replant it into the ground outside. If you are not up to transplanting a tree yourself, you are not alone! Simply contact a local tree removal company for professional and affordable tree transplanting services.

Tree Service Fishers Indiana

Tree Service Coupon Fishers Indiana 317-537-9770

Tree Service Coupon Fishers Indiana 317-537-9770

Call 317-537-9770 for professional tree transplanting services in Fishers, Indiana. We are highly trained and qualified arborists with decades of experience in the tree service industry. We offer a wide range of services for both residential and commercial properties; including tree removal, stump removal, tree trimming, lot clearing, dead wooding, and much more. Call 317-537-9770 for prompt and professional tree removal in Fishers, IN today.