Why You Should Mulch Your Trees This Fall

Sure, you’ve already mulched your landscaping in spring earlier this year. But did you know that fall is also a critical time to mulch your trees and shrubs? It’s true. Continue reading to learn why, and review some helpful tips for seasonal re-mulching in Indiana.

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The Importance of Mulching

What does mulch do exactly? Yes, it delivers an unparalleled aesthetic and cosmetic touch to any landscaping, large or small. But there is an actual scientific purpose for mulching around trees, shrubbery, and garden beds. You see, mulch is a protector, a thermal controller, and a nutrient dense distributor for the soil and roots below. In fact, trees that have a proper mulch bed tend to grow stronger, bigger, and remain healthier for longer. The same benefits apply to other flora.

What Does Mulch Do?

🌳 It retains moisture and nutrients in soil.
🌳 It reduces erosion.
🌳 It decreases soil compaction.
🌳 It abates weed growth.
🌳 It extends growing seasons.
🌳 It keeps soil warm and insulated.

Types of Recommended Mulch

✅ Wood Chip Mulch
✅ Bark Chips
✅ Composted Lawn Clippings
✅ Leaves
✅ Straw

Synthetic mulches are okay to use, but organic mulches are simply the best and most effective.

How to Properly Mulch Your Trees and Shrubs

The general rule of thumb for mulching in the fall is to create a 3 foot wide perimeter around the base of the plant. The mulch should not be bunched up around the bark of the tree; instead, it should be scooped away about an inch from the base of the trunk. A good mulch bed does not have to be very deep. In fact, only make it between 2 and 4 inches at most. If you need to cover a bed of grass with mulch, first lay down newspaper and wet it through. This will prevent the grass from growing up, through the mulch. Equally important, do not continue to add new mulch on top of old mulch, season after season. Be sure to remove as much old mulch as possible before laying new mulch in spring and fall.

Where to Get Trusted and Professional Tree Service in Fishers, Indiana

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How to Care for Mature Trees

A tree is like an investment. Once they mature, they are higher in value and can even increase a property’s overall worth. This is a good reason why homeowners should pay close attention to the maturing trees in their landscapes. Proper tree care for mature trees is a bit different from caring for early to mid-life trees. Maturing trees can pose safety hazards or decline in health if not cared for properly. Continue reading to learn how to care for mature trees, and who to call on for professional assistance you can trust!

Mature Tree Care

If mature trees are not tended-to in the right way, they can quickly become simple nuisances, and worse, safety hazards. Over-grown foliage can clog gutters, block sunlight to gardens, invite unwanted pests, give wild animal’s access to the roof, and damage siding; while tree trunks can become infected or infested with termites and other nuisance insects. And as for safety, the structural integrity of large branches and the trunk can decline, causing fallen trees and potential injuries to people and costly damages to properties.

Proper tree care includes using the right techniques for routine inspections, mulching, watering, fertilizing, and pruning. It is important to have all your important landscape trees to be serviced by a professional arborist or tree care company. They retain the proper tools and training to provide comprehensive tree services in a convenient time-frame. They can provide tree trimming, pruning, disease treatment (if-needed), branch removal, and much more. As for yourself, there are several things you can do to care for your mature trees.

Start with regular inspections of the branches, foliage, and trunk. Look for environmental problems, damages to the bark, dead or discoloring leaves, fungus or mold growth, pest infestations, or signs of nuisance animal activity. By catching these issues early on, you can protect your tree from extensive harm and prevent paying for tree removal services.

Also, be sure to water your trees regularly, but do not allow the tree’s trunk to get wet. This can lead to mold growth, which then invites pests and other infestation problems. It then deteriorates the tree and weakens its structural integrity. If left unresolved, it can kill the tree. Apply mulch around the base of your trees once every year, two to four inches deep, and one to two inches away from the base of the trunk. The diameter of the mulch bed should not extend beyond the tree’s canopy.

Have a professional tree service check the soil’s PH levels and provide proper fertilization for your mature trees. Proper pH levels in the soil beneath a tree will correct any nutrient deficiencies that hinder tree growth. This also reduces plant stress, which in turn, renders a healthier tree.

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