How All the Parts of a Tree Work

Before we can explain the various parts of a tree, it is important to know that there are two main types: evergreen and deciduous. Evergreen trees have thick spiny firs, and maintain their green foliage all year long. Examples include pine trees, Christmas trees, and conifers. Deciduous trees have leaves that discolor and drop in autumn, such as fruit trees, maple trees, and oak trees. Although there are two different categories of trees, they both have virtually the same parts.

With this knowledge in mind, continue reading to learn the primary parts of a tree, and how they work together to make a tree grow tall and strong.

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The 5 Basic Tree Parts

Roots – Tree roots grow beneath the base of a tree, underground, no more than a foot or two deep into the soil. There are three primary types of tree roots. These include heavy anchoring roots, long transporting roots, and small roots. All work together as a network to provide a tree with nutrients. But they also keep trees upright and hold them steady in the ground!

Crown – The crown refers to the upper portion of a tree that contains the leaves and branches. Crowns are measured by their circumference and height. Crown sizes will differ from tree to tree depending on health, environmental conditions, and species.

Leaves – Leaves are the foliage of the tree that partly make up the crown. They convert energy into sugar and oxygen, which is food for them. This process is called photosynthesis. And a substance called Chlorophyll makes them green. Evergreen trees have needle-like leaves, while deciduous trees have softer, flattened leaves. Deciduous leaves change color season to season, but evergreens remain green all year long.

Branches – Tree branches are the large limbs that extend from the trunk. They support the leaves and twigs that make up the crown.

Trunk – The trunk provides the shape and support of the whole tree, and holds up the crown. It transports the sugar made by the leaves, and water gathered from the soil.

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