Is it Normal for Pine Trees to Lose Needles in Fall?

During the fall, it is common for deciduous trees to lose their foliage and enter into a dormancy stage for the season. But evergreen trees are supposed to evergreen; so why do some lose their needles this time of year? Well, there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation. If your Pine trees are losing their needles, continue reading to learn common causes and treatments for evergreen foliage loss.

Pine trees shed their needles every 2 to 4 years, making some needle loss normal in fall.

The Facts Surrounding Pine Needle Loss

When pine trees begin to lose their needles, there’s no need to panic. And there’s certainly no need to remove the tree (in most cases). You see, evergreen trees are implied to be evergreen always, however their Pine needles are not meant to stay green and last forever.

Think of it like this: the hair on your head is always there, but it’s not the same hair from when you were a child. The same idea applies to Pine trees and their needles.

For evergreen trees, new pine needles are produced every spring and summer. These needles typically last anywhere from 2 to 4 years, and sometimes longer, depending on the region. This means that as trees grow taller and larger every year, more and more new pine needles are growing as well. You will find older pine needles farther back in the crown, and newly-produced needles towards the tips and in the branches. This cycle of shedding old needles for the sake of new ones continues on and on, year after year.

So Why Do Pine Needles Die?

After some time, pine needles lose their efficiency. As they age, they are less efficient at producing food for the tree, so they are replaced by newer, more efficient ones. Also, new pine needles block sunlight from the older ones, which is another reason why pine needles lose their efficiency. If your pine trees are losing more than a third or fourth of their needles, it may be an indication of another problem. Otherwise, the needle loss is normal.

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Are Your Pine Trees Losing Needles?

This time of year, deciduous trees are starting to lose their leaves, as they should. But evergreens, like Pine Trees, retain their foliage year-round. So it is understandable that many property owners worry about their pine trees dying when they lose their needles. If your pine trees have being losing more needles than usual this time of year, don’t make any impulsive decisions like cutting them down! There is a good reason why pine trees lose their needles. Continue reading to learn more about pine trees, tree care, and more.

Falling Pine Needles

Pine trees and other conifers, although called evergreens, are not always green all year. Their pine needles will eventually turn color and shed; and then new needles grow in their place the following spring and summer. This cycle happens every two to four years. As a tree grows older each year, you can see the newer needles at the tips of its branches, while the older ones are closest to the crown. So if your pine tree is losing its needles this fall, don’t sweat it! It’s just going through its two to four-year cycle of making room for newer needles.

The reason why a pine tree sheds their needles every few years is because older needles cannot produce sufficient nutrients and food to the tree. Also, new needles overshadow and shade older needles, causing them to change color and drop. This process is safe and natural, and does not harm or hurt the tree in any way.

Although needle-loss is a normal sign of aging for pine trees, there are times to be concerned. If the needles are dropping from the ends of the branch, this means new needles are dying. This is not a good sign. The common causes for this are insects and disease. Contact a professional Fishers Tree Service for accurate diagnostics and assistance.

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